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Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
18th of April 2011

A great big Design Files welcome to Sarah K and Liane Rossler! These two talented ladies will be showing us to what they do as Supercyclers as well as introducing us to many other creative people who use things destined to be thrown away to make beautiful, clever and useful items. We kick off today with Plastic Fantastic vessels. - Jenny x

Our number one supercycling post might as well be all about us. Just so you know. For this project we set ourselves the task of creating really beautiful usable vessels out of plastic bags...

The first one we made coincided with the radio playing "this is the day" by The The, and even if it didn't change our lives, things did fall into place a little.

And yes! They are watertight - so you can use them to grow a little cactus or hold a flower or plant.

If you want to try this at home, it is a simple matter of gently heating the bags over objects.

There is a degree of plastic bag fumage, the worst lowest possible grade on the petrochemical chain, but you should never have actual smoke or you have gone too far. Wear a good quality respiratory face mask at all times and even glasses. Gloves mean you can get close to the heat source.  Just noticed we left the heat gun out of the picture. You will need one of these which shouldn't set you back more that $25 AUD.

We are launching the first products from our Plastic Fantastic exercises in Milan RIGHT NOW!  Have a look at The Other Hemisphere exhibition to see!

Plastic Fantastic... Sarah K + Liane Rossler

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