Milan Design Week 2011 - Trend Forecasting

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
29th of April 2011

Today is Alessandra's final day with us reporting on Milan Design Week 2011. A HUGE THANK YOU to Alessandra for not only being our very first international guest blogger but for an excellent, design crammed week on the Guest Blog. Be sure to pop over and check out Alessandra's blog, Design Your Life. -Jenny x

Trend #1 Clockwise from top left: Lastika chair by LAGO, Tip Ton chair by VITRA & Foliage lounge by KARTELL

Trend #1 - Everything is full of colour!

There are colors everywhere! A lot of colorful chairs, coffee tables, lamps, shelfs, rugs… the colors are bright and changing, but often they are retro… I love vintage colors!

Trend #1 Left: Piana chair by ALESSI Right: Krenit set of bowls by NORMANN COPENHAGEN
Trend #2 Clockwise from top left: Cape West armchair by DRIADE, Pavoreal chair DRIADE, Biknit armchair by MOROSO and Lama lounge chair by ZANOTTA

Trend #2 - Textured Seating

Chairs, lounge chairs and armchairs with incredible braided patterns: metal wires form regular textures and wires of natural fiber tangle neatly.
Trend #3 Clockwise from top left: Paesaggi Italiani-Tronco by EDRA, Canapè, cactus divan by CERRUTI BALLERI, Hexagon by HORM and eco-armchair by ESSENT’IAL

Trend #3 - Extravagant Nature

Ecology, green design, sustainable materials: the nature is important! I love eco products, but I love also when the nature takes shape in design projects. Every year there are a lot of products inspired by the natural world, every year I can't wait to see them and their endless possibilities. Above are my favorites for this year! Especially The Hexagon, like a beehive, is a wooden system of seats and tables by HORM and the Eco-armchair by ESSENT’IAL is an outdoor armchair with soft transparent wrapper that you fill with recycled or natural materials like hay etc.

I hope my posts were a source of inspirations for you! Over the past five days we looked at new trends and style from the last International Furnishings Accessories Exhibition from Milan 2011. I believe that everyone can create their own personal style following some easy rules: freedom and  creativity… good taste and attention to details… that's it!

Ciao ciao from Italy!

- Alessandra x

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