David Bromley – Inspiration

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
6th of April 2011

Today we get an insight into what inspires David Bromley. From his love of old kitsch paintings to a never ending magazine addiction, these are the things that make Bromley's creative juices flow. Oh golly, what a treat! - Jenny x

I am a constant sponge and whilst many a creative folk are quite judgey over other peoples work, I am enamoured, excited - and there’s never ever enough time in the day to absorb all the beautiful things.

Magazines - I’m an addict, always have a stash of new ones I’m trying to get to read... I’ve got them in my shelf, on chairs in the car. Gotta find some time to look but I’ve just been watching films by Charles and Ray Eames - Unbelievable.   Alexander Calder - a Genius.   Starck's energy and belief that stupidity is one of the key things that enables him to believe he can create despite obstacles and challenges - I suppose he is a believer. As am I (stupid that is).

Day of the dead, skulls... I’m obsessed by big things, little things, jewellery, cars, motorbikes, music, New Black Angels, PJ Harvey, the National collage is the best.  Painting on raw linen and cardboard... mad about old kitsch paintings - and they’re really influencing my new paintings, as are circuses.   I just got nearly a whole of auction of circus paraphernalia.   I’m obsessed by spooky stuff too.

- David

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