The Selbs in Melbs

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
3rd of March 2011

The Selby is in Your Place, published by Abrams, distributed by Thames & Hudson.

OR should that be 'The Selby in Melby'?  Ha!  Sorry.

ANYWAY.  This week I have learned that Mr Todd Selby does NOT do interviews.  Not even by email.  Ah well, I knew it was a longshot.  Fair enough when you're that famous I guess.  What he DOES do though, is short talks, meet 'n greets, slide presentations and book signings.  And he will be doing all those things THIS SATURDAY in Melbourne.

True story!  The very brainy Jeremy Wortsman of Jacky Winter, Lamington Drive and Compound Interest fame will be hosting the Selbs in Melbs this Saturday.  There are NO bookings, NO tickets, NO RSVPs.  Just get there early because doors will close when the space reaches capacity!

I just hope he doesn't go the way of The Sartorialist and end up being awkwardly interviewed on Bondi Beach by an SBS news reporter... that really spoilt the whole anonymous blog hero thing for me.

The Selby book signing / slide preso etc! THIS Saturday March 5th - 5.00pm - 7.00pm *BE EARLY! The Compound Interest 15 - 25 Keele st Collingwood The  Selby is in Your Place is published by Abrams, distributed by Thames & Hudson.
Some pages from The Selby book... it really is an ace book.  I have it, so should you.

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