The Lowercase - Visiting the Dream Time

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
3rd of February 2011

What a delightful week we are having with The Lowercase! Have you popped over to their fantastic website yet? Today we visit the land of sleep and dreams with Tessa and Michael, and I've have to say I'm quite excited about going to sleep tonight. I've got my notebook ready! - Jenny x

"The Key of Dreams by Magritte"

Konnichiwa! Today we leave Tokyo in our stride and welcome a new (unconscious) horizon... of dreams.  At The Lowercase we live, breathe and sleep design, and as approximately one third of our lives are spent sleeping (and on average about 6 years of this is dreaming!), it seems only fair to allocate DAY 4. of The Lowercase Journey to the other-creative-side of the waking world.

Dreams are an indispensable part of the creative process, some studies have even show brain activity to be just as lively when we are dreaming as when we are awake. The unconscious, if recalled by way of a dream memory, can be a great spur to the imagination. And the best thing about dreams? They are accessible to all and completely budget-friendly... just a short-tumble down Lewis Carroll’s rabbit-hole and you’re there!

Some of our best ideas have been enlivened through fictional dreamscapes. How does one harness the power of the unconscious and induce inspiration? Through the Zone of Transition: The Bedroom and the bed, one of the most valuable vehicles for our dreams.

Edition Paumes Children's Rooms "Copenhagen"

To borrow from one of our favourite designers, Mies van der Rohe, “less is more”, when it comes to the bedroom, where simplicity is the key. Subtle shades and timeless patterns leave room to liberate the imagination.

Every product tells a story about those who designed it, the designer’s sense of aesthetics, values and ideals. In this case, it is a bed-time story: The Urban Jungle Bedlinen Collection reveals The Lowercase’s aspiration to take your dreams to a far-flung lands. Add Practicality and Comfort = a restful, dream-ready environment.

Photography by Sam McAdam, Styling by Claire Delmar

Although we do not know what lies hidden in the unconscious; it can cause us to have ideas, moods, thoughts and images in our conscious minds - it is indeed an efficient language comparable to poetry. A lesson learnt from this creative start-up? Invest in that note-book for next to the bed. Tonight.

(We look forward to comparing notes tomorrow...) Love from The Lowercase x

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