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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
23rd of February 2011

The beautiful teeny tiny loungeroom of Melbourne stylist Leesa O’Reilly!   the print of the girl hanging on the wall was found at Chapel st Bazaar, and sits above a bespoke screen-print on linen by Stewart Russell of Spacecraft, for use originally in a cookbook for Margaret Fulton!

Leesa’s circular coffee table has featured in many photo shoots due to it’s distinct tarnished metal surface! Patchwork rug from Loom.
Leesa’s tiny apartment is like a museum of beautiful, eclectic pieces, many gifts from creative friends.  Screen print poster ‘Accept the Good’ from Third Drawer Down, – a gift from owner & friend Abigail Crompton.  The colourful artwork featuring the famed Sophie Loren quote –  ‘Everything You See I Owe to Spaghetti’  is actually the back of a menu is from Grossi Florentino, given to Leesa from a waiter whilst lunching there.  The cards that are stuck on the wall on the left are a favoured selection from a hand drawn deck of playing cards called ’52 Pick Up’ by New York-based Australian artist Edwina White. (also from Third Drawer Down).

The stylist’s obligatory magazine stack!  White fluffy pom pom from Bonjour in Albert Park, Delicate white plastic vessel by Emma Davies, embroidered handkerchief, ‘I’ve been to hell and back, and let me tell you it was wonderful’ by Louise Bourgeois, again from Third Drawer Down.

There is something quietly special about Leesa O’Reilly‘s teeny tiny St. Kilda apartment. It’s hard to pinpoint… but I think the closest description I can muster is that it kind of feels like an apartment in another country. Somewhere painfully cool and a little bohemian, like London or Paris or perhaps even Barcelona or something. I think it has to do with the tiny-ness, the artfully arranged creative clutter, the dinner parties one can imagine here with everyone perched on a different piece of furniture and plates balanced on their knees. You know?

PERHAPS the cool factor also has something to do with Leesa’s enviable creative career – she’s a prolific interiors and props stylist, having worked on publications including Vogue Living, Vogue Entertaining + Travel and Donna Hay magazine to name just a few. OF COURSE Leesa’s pad is full to the brim with beautiful artwork and home accessories – homewares and textiles from all her favourite local suppliers such as Megan Park and Third Drawer Down, plates and bowls that have graced the pages of many mags and cookbooks, and artwork by friends such as Marnie Gilder and David Band. ‘All of my ‘art’ is from or by friends – I’ve only just begun a collection of sorts’ says Leesa, ‘my first David Band screen print ‘Funny Valentine’ was being framed while these shots were taken – I can’t wait to pick it up!’.

One of Leesa’s favourite things about this gorgeous little apartment is being on the 1st floor, with huge windows that open wide – ‘I can look out at trees from every window – and I can sleep with them open in the summer!’ she says.

Leesa has been here for just 18 months but sadly, due to her ever-expanding prop hire and styling business, she’s already looking to move! Oh NO! She loves the St Kilda area though – ‘it’s a little haphazard’ she says ‘ not unlike myself!’. HA! I see no evidence of haphazardness Leesa!

Huge thank to Leesa for sharing her gorgeous home – another super inspiring rented space! If you love her home, chances are you’ll also love Leesa’s work – do pop over and check out her portfolio on the KHM website.


Oop there I am in a mirror again.  Love these details on Leesa’s mantelpiece, especially that beautiful tear sheet stuck to the mirror!

Lovely red bentwood in the sun-lit reading corner!

Looking from hallway into Leesa’s bedroom.

Pretty details on Leesa’s bedside table, including ‘Blue Sky’ – a print by her super talented friend Marnie Gilder.

More bedroom details – love the pretty woven necklace and that friendly hot pink rabbit!  Linen curtains from IKEA!

Tocca + Aesop = one beautiful smelling bathroom!

Hallway details

Leesa’s cute kitten ‘Pony’!  (bit blurry – she doesn’t sit still!)

Every stylist has an overflowing collection of  colour-themed plates and bowls!  ‘Blue Sky’ artwork in the kitchen again by Leesa’s friend Marnie Gilder.

Colourful kitchen details, including many cook books Leesa has styled.

Freshly picked tomatoes in the kitchen!

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