Inspired Craft for Kids with Anna-Wili Highfield - Ballerinas & Dollies!

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
24th of February 2011

Anna-Wili and her darling Matilda are back today with some tried and tested Concertina Ballerinas and Cardboard Dollies. I cannot wait to make some of these with my ballet obsessed niece and her tutu wearing friends! - Jenny x

I made quite a few of these to send off to kindy a while ago. I’m as proud of the title ‘Concertina Ballerina’ as I am the object themselves. First have a look at a ballerina. Draw her shape on some cardboard and fold at her centre. You can paint on their leotards. Ask your small friend to draw a face. Then they can do some drawing on a paper rectangle or two. Concertina (make a fan) of the paper. Tape or staple onto the ballerina where her tutu would be. Pretty thing! The boys at Matilda’s kindy liked making these as much as the girls. Now for some 'Cardboard Dollies'.

Draw a female figure and cut out of cardboard. Fold a piece of paper long enough for one folded side to reach from the figures neck to a dress length. Cut out a dress. Cut a hole for the head to slip through. Belt with wool, or string. punch a hole in the top of her head and tie on some woollen hair.

Cut out a male figure. Cut a triangle out of paper for a cape. Fold top of triangle. Cut small slit. Slip head through. Your little friend can draw a face and paint the outfits. - A.W

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