The Lowercase on The Guest Blog!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
31st of January 2011
This week Tessa and Michael from The Lowercase join us on the Guest Blog!

I had the great pleasure of meeting Tessa and Michael Bautovich in Sydney just before Christmas, and I must admit I have basically fallen in love with them.  Yep, both of them.  They are that gorgeous.  You know that couple you meet at a wedding  (or some other random social function) and just instantly find yourself wishing they were your very best friends!?  Well, that's Tessa and Michael.  Gorgeous and smiley and clever and entertaining etc etc.  Tessa also has a bob and a FRINGE which, who know, is instant 'girl-crush' material in my books.  In fact I have secretly launched my very own Bautovich best-friend-making mission.  Stay tuned!

After careers in marketing and graphic design respectively, Tessa and Michael followed a dream and launched their product design studio The Lowercase last year - and have been overwhelmed by the amazing response!  In only a few months their beautiful, quirky and thoughtfully designed products have captured the imagination of the press, retailers and customers alike - I have no doubt  these two are destined for very big things!

ALSO, on a semi unrelated note, Tessa and Michael are truly generous.  Although I have met them only once, Tessa recently invited me to stay at their place when I am in Sydney later this month, which I will NOT take them up on because I try not to be a freeloader, but REALLY, it is just insanely kind and has made me love them even more, especially given Tessa is currently 6 months pregnant!

So there you have it.  No amount of smileyfaces or CAPITAL LETTERS can describe how much I heart The Lowercase. :) And lucky for us, they're here with us on the Guest Blog ALL WEEK!  Do pop by each day to learn a little more about The Lowercase journey and creative inspirations...!  (And don't forget to check out their lovely work over at The Lowercase website!)

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