5 Colours in 5 Days with Kate Banazi – Blue

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
12th of January 2011
Is it just me or are Kate's colourful Guest Blogs making groups of colours stand out in your day? Yesterday I saw 5 red cars all parked in a row, a bunch of orange vested Council workers having lunch on the foreshore, and I noticed that most of the files in my filing cabinet are blue. All things I'd normally not bother to notice- thanks Kate for the fresh outlook! - Jenny x
This is today's FREE DOWNLOADABLE DESKTOP WALLPAPER, custom printed by Kate especially for us! Visit HERE to download! There will be a different desktop wallpaper everyday this week. Check out the video below on how it all came together.
BLUE from Kate Banazi on Vimeo.

Blue.... sapphires, sea in all its tempers, sky, bruises and my little sisters birthmark. I was always jealous, hers is small petite and bright blue, mine although supposedly is exactly of the same 'birthmark genre' is big, brown and wavy.

There's also something blue and a bit furry in the fridge drawer, but it's got to the point where the three of us keep looking in the drawer to say hello and see its fur progression, so in a perverse way it's become the fridge pet. Or if I'm going to be completely honest, one of a couple of fridge pets.

This screenprint was done the morning after a night out in Sydney. I love it how nights are clear and the stars are visible. It gets properly inky blue here even in the city.

Screenprint My mothers seat card from when she traveled to Canada at the age of five Moofus's drawing of Melbourne

My old studio mate from London Lisa Jones makes fantastic hand screenprinted goods. This is one of my favourites cards EVER as its got a singular moving googley eye on it.

Milan has been desperate to get his dive certificate, since he spent most of his formative years shuffling around in Alistair's dive suits pretending to be a deep sea diver, whilst we had to alternate between pretending to be the Loch Ness monster or a siren. Last year he was old enough to get his certificate and this is him on his very first dive with Al.

Marcela worked hard last year for the Sydney Festival which is now coming to fruition...it all looks amazing! You can buy her cockatoo prints and other beautiful prints here.

Theres more than a couple of babies emerging out in the next couple of months (if I know you and you're about to pop, look away now), I'll be getting all my new bairn gifts from my friend Maddi Stamer. Sorry Miranda Kerr, you wont be getting one from me as I don't know you and that would just be weird.

Pic by Al

Jesse Draxler collage. If I lived in the US I would just be spending my time taking this man out for beers. And stealing his work.

ELO are the best thing since sliced bread in our book. We had Mr Blue Sky playing at our wedding. But then again, we also had Kermit the frog. Don't judge. Grace Jones gave me one of the most brilliantly bonkers night of my life without even being there. I played the Smiths album to death at the age of 13. My great-grandmother used to say to me "Can you turn that down? I CAN HEAR IT." I wish that I'd spent more time talking to her, rather than doing my homework.

Sydney airport (Alistair).

Painting taken from my grandmothers house. It used to hang in her sitting room, splendid over the mantlepiece looking back at a large plastic covered sofa. We do like plastic in our family.

Penguin at the zoo. I love penguins, they're a weird hybrid of a bird and a dog. In my mind anyway.

Our bedroom walls are navy blue, in fact it's called 'North Sea blue' Alistair chose it as he said that growing up in Montrose, Scotland, this was the colour you were after a summer dip in the sea.

Pylons, Cooks River, Sydney (pic by Al)

Painting by our great friend Catherine Davis, her paintings are incredible, photos don't do them justice. She's shy, so contact me if you want to contact her.

LAX airport screenprint collaboration with Anna Harlan

North Sydney Pool pic by Al. He swims here every lunch time in the week rain or shine.

This is one of my favourite photographs Alistair's taken of Milan, when he was 5 on Primrose Hill in London, late summer. I look at this photograph and am instantly transported back to a different time and place.

- Kate

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