Michi Girl on the Guest Blog!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
6th of December 2010

Oh my goodness we have some serious internet royalty on the guest blog this week... after her mini-interview last week, Michi Girl is back today with a week of posts on the guest blog!  WOWSERS!

Now as we all know, Michi has just launched her super gorgeous new book 'What on earth are you wearing - a Michipedia of fashion'...  but it wouldn't be very Michi to spend all week with us simply plugging her latest tome.  Instead, in typical sassy style, Michi has decided to share 'a week of rejection' - 5 titles rejected by the astute folks at Penguin before settling on a name for the latest book! Michi kicks things off today with an eyebrow-raising 'obscure and silly' feline inspired title.  Curious?  Pop on over to see what silliness Michi has been conjouring up...!   And don't forget to visit the guest blog all week for more giggle-inducing rejected titles!

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