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OK, I understand

Michi Girl - Canning Michipedia

7th December, 2010
Jenny Butler
Tuesday 7th December 2010

It's day 2 of Michi Girl rejections and so far things aren't going so well... good thing we know there is a happy ending- phew!! What on Earth are you Wearing? is in stores now! [How ace will it look in a Christmas stocking paired with a Neighbourhood Calendar?!] - Jenny x

For a time the book was called just Michipedia. As I mentioned yesterday, I dreamt of the actual title (What on Earth are you Wearing?) at the latest possible hour. We then had a to-and-fro with the UK publisher who wanted to call it something totally different (which I can’t remember now).

Anyway, at the Michipedia stage there were a million versions of the cover. We always loved the drawing (Kat of course doesn’t do shitty pictures so it was pretty easy), but the name and pic didn’t really match. I felt that I was really overpromising with the whole ‘Fashionable Insights’ thing – am I THAT fashionable? Or THAT insightful? Well, neither really. But if you wondered what could have happened, had I not had that dream, this was an option. I was obsessed with having a navy cover however, and canned this one on that fact alone. But now it looks ok, don’t you think?

I’m pretty. Lucky.

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