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Michi Girl – Losing Ze Bra

8th December, 2010
Jenny Butler
Wednesday 8th December 2010

Another rejection for our lovely Michi Girl today. Poor thing, I hope she knows we still love her... and her delightful new book What on Earth are you Wearing? It really is a splendid read, even if you just look at the pretty pictures with your 5 year old niece like I did. - Jenny x

So here we are, three weeks out from our print date and we still have not got past the title/cover issues. I was not that happy with the name – still. I kept doing that thing, you know when you think something is a genius idea, sleep on it for a day or two then decide it was a crap idea to begin with? I usually think all my ideas are the greatest thing ever, so to wake up and decide I hated something was quite confronting. Imagine having such a hard time naming a book? Can you imagine naming a child? I mean, a book surely has a shorter shelf life than a human, right?

I wanted something that said ‘Encyclopedia’ without actually saying it. I thought that this idea was golden, I really did.

What do you think?

From A-cup to Ze Bra
A Michipedia of Fashion.

Good huh?

Well, no. Rejected again. Penguin said it wasn’t catchy enough, not enough attitude. Personally I would have thought that teasing A-cups (like my flat chested self) would have been a winner. The UK publisher liked it but that was where it ended.

So, three titles down and still the jury is out.

It’s all leaving me a little fatigued.

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