All The Buildings In New York – Manhattan

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
3rd of December 2010
Today we say thank you & farewell to James Gulliver Hancock after a splendid week of All The Buildings In New York [which you should add to your blogroll too!]. Don't forget you can always enjoy more of James' work in The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar! - Jenny x While a lot of Manhattan (uptown, midtown, downtown) feels a little like I'm living in an 80's finance/comedy movie, the Lower East Side and surrounding is different. It's part of this cutting edge belt that runs along that meridian into Brooklyn. While all the Boroughs mix up a lot I feel like this guy never leaves Manhattan. Amazingly everything you could ever need exists on this tiny island, it's like a Disneyland for Adults, anything from industrial hardware to fine caviar, can be found. . . BTW, did you know you can remember how to spell Manhattan by saying "MAN wears a HAT to avoid getting a TAN" .... - James All The Buildings in New York

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