Tokyo Design Week with Hello Sandwich - Tokyo fun!

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
12th of November 2010
THANK YOU Ebony for such a delightful week of guest blogging and sharing all the amazing highlights of Tokyo Design Week! Be sure to visit Hello Sandwich for all things brilliant and Japanese, it's a blogroll essential. - Jenny x

True to Tokyo’s pop style, there was an element of playfulness and fun seen in many of the exhibitions at Tokyo Design Weeks. Here are a few Hello Sandwich fun favourites.

I visited Bisaiji Masumi’s colourful Pattern crazy café at Akasaka’s Nidi Gallery with Miss Gracie Lee

Oh my goodness, after battling the typhoon with flimsy umbrellas, and iphone google map navigating our way to Nidi Gallery (which, by the way, is hidden in an office builiding on a back street) we were so excited and overwhelmed with the colourful explosion when we opened Nidi Galleries door. Multi-coloured dots, stripes, checks from floor to ceiling transformed this mini Tokyo gallery into a scene that would not be out of place in Alice in Wonderland. Along with the help of Citron Designs, Bisaiji-san created the most amazing food display. Think rainbow cake, toffee apples, octopus cup cakes and black waffle sticks!

Pop over to Bisaiji-san’s flickr collection if you’re hungry for more colourful food examples and there are also more images here I adored this Thumbs up! stamp by quirky design team Mikke Remikke (Mika Yoshida & Mari Murata). This Japanese design duo studied at Western Australia School of Art! For more information peek here. Um, paper eyelashes? Yes please! Amazing paper eyelashes by Paperself. (photocredit: Pei Chen Chen) Lost in Tokyo? Shinpai shinaide kudasi (please don’t worry!). Arrow scarf by Tou to the rescue! If you love arm-chair traveling to Tokyo, please pop over and visit me at my Japan-themed blog Hello Sandwich, I’d love to see you there! Arigatou gozaimasu! Thank you lovely Miss Lucy for including me in your gorgeous ‘The Design Files’ world. Love Love Hello Sandwich xoxo

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