Sarah Dingwall’s Favourite Things – Nature & Flameworking

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
16th of November 2010
From something broken or tiny or perfect or simple, Sarah has a special gift of spotting & capturing the unique beauty things that some of us may never notice. Today Sarah shares with us some of her favourite things in nature and how they inspire her flamework. - Jenny x
All photos by Sarah Dingwall
My dear mother bought me a very old butterfly collection a few years back, MY WORD, I think I should study insects a whole lot more, take a leaf out of their book. Colour and texture in nature: SO exciting. Anyhow! This is flameworked dichroic glass, it is deliciously, outrageously shiny. And intriguing, I think. Meanwhile! Check out these little guys. I'm rather excited about these colours, and how inspiration is waiting just outdoors.
(flameworked glass rings)
Some sweeeeet colours in nature, and in glass. And here's my little flameworking corner in the shed. And again, with the process of flameworking, glass can be used as a solution for displaying fragile findings. (And maybe even wearing them?)
'Little Houses'
'Tiny Glass Container' ring
Alrighty, tomorrow I'm going to one of my FAVOURITE places ever. See you there! Sarah x
All photos by Sarah Dingwall

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