Neighbourhood Calendar Launch pics!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
22nd of November 2010
The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar - hot off the press!
Nothing like a spot of visitor participation to get people enthused!
Kat Chadwick's incredible 'Neighbourhoods Map' adorned one wall of the gallery... visitors were asked to flag their neighbourhood.
CUTE kids getting in on the action!
Neighbourhood Love!

You are probably wondering when I am going to stop going on and on and ON about this fantabulous calendar we have made :) ...wellll I can't make any promises.... but I did think these gorgeous pics of the launch last week were worth one more post!  Such extreme cuteness - cute artwork, cute colourful flags, cute catering, cute people and super cute kids.... aghhhh it's all a bit much really.

It was really hard choosing favourite pics... therefore I have uploaded the FULL GALLERY (70 pics!) over  in the photo galleries section!  Do pop over and have a little look!  You might even spot yourself in there....!  All these beautiful photos were taken by the very talented Ms Jessica Leski. Thanks Lesk! x

You can still pop in to Lamington Drive in Collingwood anytime between now and December 24th to check out the show and/or nab yourself a calendar or limited edition print...! (also you can still buy a calendar online right here :)

THANKYOU so much to everyone who came out to the launch last Thursday!  Sorry I babbled a bit in the 'speech'.  You know, I get excited.  Special thanks to Kat Chadwick for her incredible painted 'Neighbourhoods Map' which inspired everyone to  get involved and flag their neighbourhood!  Also huge thanks to Jeremy and Skye at Lamington Drive for all their incredible hard work staging such a beautiful show!  What a decidedly talented bunch.

AMAZING Neighbourhoods Map painted on the wall by Kat Chadwick! Is there nothing Kat can't draw?
Map and flags.... thankyou to EVERYONE who visited for getting into the Neighbourhood Spirit.
Beatbox Kitchen.  The best burgers in town. (and damn cute staff too).
OMG Jeremy will kill me.   But you can hardly even see his face :)  That's JW top left, me looking very cheesy top right, Lamington Drive's gallery manager Skye run off her feet (bottom left), and the amazing Kat Chadwick (lit by neon pink glow) bottom right!

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