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Modernist Australia on the Guest Blog!

22nd November, 2010
Lucy Feagins
Monday 22nd November 2010

Modernist Australia on the Guest Blog!

I have blogged Modernist Australia before.... theirs is a TRULY fabulous blog dedicated to Australian Modernist homes…  they also post a brilliant nation-wide Modernist real-estate round-up, highlighting some of the most beautiful untouched Mid-Century Australian homes on the market! Never has an orange tiled kitchen or speckled beige Nanna carpet looked so appealing!

Aside from sourcing the very best Modernist Home eye candy, I just can't get enough of Patricia and Peter's hysterical commentary in response to inappropriate suburban residential development!    This passionate pair are keen to raise the profile of mid-century architecture in Australia, and vehemently (albeit entertainingly!) oppose the bulldozing and obsessive re-configuring of well-designed sustainable mid-century homes, to make way for 'overbearing statements of Faux-Georgian or Nu-Victoriana'!  Let 'em have it guys!

This week Modernist Australia joins the Guest Blog for a week of Modernist design appreciation.  They're kicking things off today with a beginner's guide to identifying an MCM (Mid-Century Modern) masterpiece!

WOW it is looking SO fabulous I am already feeling very  guilty about the generic white tiles in my bathroom...! Shhh. :)

Huge thanks as always to Jenny B for all her hard work on this week's guest blog!

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