James Gulliver Hancock guest blog - All The Buildings in New York!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
29th of November 2010

If you have been paying attention to my ramblings about The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar(!!), then you will most likely know the work of James Gulliver Hancock!  James is an Australian-born, New York based illustrator whose  contribution to the calendar is this fabulous illustration of his current neighbourhood - Brooklyn. NYC.  Funnily enough the brief tied in nicely with James' current project - an illustrative documentation of 'All the buildings in New York'!

James Gulliver Hancock's illustration for The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar!

James is on a mission to draw on the buildings in New York.  Or at least the good-looking ones.  All the wonderful illustrations for this fantastic little project are documented over here.

This week we are so freaking lucky to have James sharing his amazing work on the guest blog!  Every day he will post an illustration of one of New Yorks 5 boroughs, with a few sentences to accompany each image.  I just cannot get enough of his beautiful detailed sketchy work... reminds me of the books that were read to me as a kid, with wonderful illustrations by the likes of Richard Scarry and Quentin Blake!  Ooh la la that was an awful long time ago :)

Don't forget to pop over to the Guest Blog all week to see James' New York buildings!  You should also visit his fantastic folio site and Jacky Winter page. OH OH and I nearly forgot to mention you can also request to BUY any print from the All the buildings in New York site!  Fantabulous.

Original drawings on timber by James Gulliver Hancock
Interesting buildings vs. boring buildings!
"When you run out of paper"...

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