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All The Buildings In New York – Queens

30th November, 2010
Jenny Butler
Tuesday 30th November 2010

If you're not already besotted with the romantic-coolness of James Gulliver Hancock's name alone, let him woo you some more with today's delightful insight into his illustrated world. -Jenny x

I've stood in line so many times outside this building, and put together all it's front facades to know the whole block round in my head.

I find it particularly romantic that it's called PS1. It feels very Socialist to number your schools, and ironically Americans seem to fear socialism like the plague. I like the dichotomy.

On top of that, this isn't a school any more it's an awesome gallery, that is way more random than the big official MOMA in Manhattan. A must visit if you're ever here. Last thing I saw inside was a room full of different coloured masking tape hanging from floor to ceiling forming an incredibly fragile and colourful prison... somehow reflected the history of the room.

- James
All The Buildings in New York

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