New guestblogger - Where in the World is TRENT JANSEN?

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
4th of October 2010
Trent Jansen reports from Italy, where he is currently undertaking a design residency with Italian design firm Edra
As I have documented many times, superstar young Sydney designer Trent Jansen is not only one of the most talented emerging designers in Australia, he's also one of the nicest. Trent is SO nice, in fact, that he has agreed to give us a little peek behind the scenes during his current design residency at Edra in Milan!  Trent was awarded this prestigious opportunity through the Space / Edra design residency competition earlier this year.  As a result, he is currently in Italy for 2 months, working at Edra, making friends and eating lots of prosciutto, it seems :) This week on the guest blog Trent will give us some highlights from his residency so far - behind the scenes at Edra, visiting an Italian disco(!?), exhibiting at the recent London Design Festival with a handful of other Australian designers, cycling through picturesque Italian villages, eating great food and generally having a ball.. I'm a tad jealous, but really, you couldn't wish it on a nicer guy. Do pop over to the Guest Blog this week to see what Trent is up to!
Trent cycles through Florence
Trent makes friends.  Nice tan!

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