Fabulous Florence - Living with Broadhurst

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
16th of September 2010
After yesterday's wonderful glimpse behind the scenes at Signature Prints, today Helen shares some of her favorite projects using Florence Broadhurst's designs! Suddenly I feel the urge to wallpaper... - Jenny x So after so much talking yesterday, I thought I would show you some of my favorite prints, and some of the great ways they have been used. We are really pleased that Broadhurst’s prints are popping up everywhere, being used just as much now as they were during the time of their creation. These are timeless designs which still look amazing 50 years after their debut. Above left is a chair which was re-upholstered by the lovely Emma who is part of our sales team at our Signature Prints showroom. The design shown here is the fun, fashion favorite Aubrey. To the right is an image from Weego Home in the USA. This is the Egrets, usually a two colour print used beautifully in monotone contrasts this works elegantly against the mustard yellow. The Egrets display unusual character and stature. Each of the standing birds is 40 cm tall. These images are from the Woodson and Rummerfield House of Design, West Hollywood,USA and is the style of Ron Woodson and Jamie Rummerfield.  This house was host to the L.A launch of the biography ‘Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret and Extraordinary Lives’. The couch is upholstered with Circles and Squares print,which combines both Asian styling and simple geometric forms, while the cushions are upholstered in The Cranes. The feature wall behind is Turnabouts, a print that epitomises the importance of the circle to Broadhurst.  Turnabouts is the ultimate in large scale geometrics - each circle is approximately 35 centimetres wide. The chair on the left is The Cranes, also used by Woodson and Rummerfield. The Cranes is one of our most popular prints, although it is technically very difficult to print; it’s screens are impossible to align and leave large gaps between the outlines and infill. This means there are often a few inaccuracies which add to it’s charm. I love this design!! On the left is our very popular Japanese Floral print used in a bespoke colour for Tapet Cafe in Copenhagen. Its great to see how different people use our prints, and we love it when people choose a custom colour to give new light to one of our designs. The right is the Shadow Floral print, used elegantly in a bathroom on Silver Optiuixin teal by De Ce Design, NZ. Greg Natale has been working in the design industry for 15 years and is a great friend of ours. Over the years he has honed his experiences in various practices and has worked across the full spectrum of corporate interiors and high-end residential projects. Greg designs with the purpose of creating cutting edge work with the integration of design and decoration. Greg has used many of our Florence designs to completely transform a house in Woollahra. The client that he was working with was an Australian living in London. Natale thought that it was so appropriate for her to pay homage to the Iconic Australian designer. The Cockatoos wallpaper was used in a room for a set of twins. Greg believed that this gave them a real sense of their Australian roots. This is Steps also used by Greg Natale. For this commissioned piece we printed the fabric for the bed linen, the wall paper, fibreglass paneling and also some limited edition art.  This is a brave choice and works wonderfully. Greg won the Belle/Space Apartment of the Year award. Summer Garden used in a refreshing and classic green again by Grey Natale. A closer view of Summer Garden – This print is originally a two colour print consisting of a key line and infill, in this instance only the infill has been used. [Greg’s work can be seen at www.gregnatale.com or on his facebook page.] I love this very brave quilt and selection of cushions, a great example of how lots of different prints can work well together!! This image shows Circles and Squares, The Cranes and Japanese Floral all printed using the same rouge ink. The Cranes demonstrates classic chinoiserie, inspired by the English colonial aesthetic of the late 1800’s. There are only two cranes per 910 mm repeat - unique and effective! To the left is Solar in yellow and blue, contrasting beautifully against a blue and white stripe.  On the right is Fingers used in a beautiful warm red as cushion coverings. Fingers is a block design alive with an almost three-dimensional feel. This is Broadhurst’s take on sixties modernism. This is Oriental Filigree in reverse, beautifully upholstered onto a vintage chair. On the right is Fingers in black and white, used to upholster a chair and footstool. Until tomorrow, - Helen

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