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Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
10th of September 2010
Joyce wraps up her round-the-world tour today in Sunny Southern California... I'll be sad to see her go!  I've learnt a LOT this week about bike culture across the globe and cycling in style.... Thanks Joyce!  It's been a great ride!  Don't forget to visit Joyce over at CycleStyle! - Lucy x
California cycling! These gorgeous shots from one of Joyce's favourite international cycle blogs - Eva Lu
Hi everyone! Today is CycleStyle’s last stop on our virtual around-the-world trip, and we land in the sunny climes of Southern California, or SoCal, to meet Trinity Kerr, one half of the design pair behind Pedaler Clothing. I first met Trinity through The Cool Hunter, who posted some shots from Pedaler's catalogue of uber-cool unisex clothing. I thought the slim-cut garments not only looked great, but everything has been made especially to deal with the rigors of being an urban cyclist. So the hoodies are made with sweat-wicking, no-stink sustainable bamboo and have jersey pockets on the back for putting on all your bits and pieces. All tops are cut extra long in the arms and the back so you can bend over your handlebars easily and you’re not putting on a bum-show! Everything has reflective elements for extra visibility in low light.
Pedaler Clothing
Trinity works out of Laguna Beach, California, while her business partner Virginia Elwood (also a kick-ass tattooist) works out of Brooklyn, New York, which give their clothes a streetwise yet comfortable sensibility. I asked Trinity a couple of questions about the SoCal cycling scene and here’s what she said. Joyce chats to Trinity from Pedaler Clothing - How would you describe cycle chic style in Southern California? Southern California has an eclectic cycle style ranging from a grunge style (looser pants/shorts that are cut off, flannels, basic t's) in San Diego, to what I would call candy style (bright pants/shorts, accessories such as bracelets, hats etc. looking more "put together") in Los Angeles. Orange County cycle style is a blend of the two where the clothes are more fitted but less colourful. What is your favourite cycle chic outfit? My favourite cycle styles are when you can see that people have modified their garments to be more functional for riding. I always find these outfits to be the most fascinating because people are really clever and creative. I've seen people sew on jersey pockets to regular hoodies, add reflective elements like reflective tape to bags and pants, even sew in lights. I always prefer muted colors and slim fitting garments (but not too tight!). What is special about cycling in SoCal? Southern California's temperate climate allows for comfortable cycling of all types year round and thus makes SoCal very special since there are only a few days a year where cycling can be challenging due to rain or temperature. Therefore, cyclists in SoCal are less concerned with garments that are waterproof or very warm but rather focus on comfort and style. Where do you go for cycle chic inspiration? For inspiration, the Pedaler team hits the streets! We often park ourselves on city benches and watch people ride by. San Diego, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, New York and Brooklyn are cities that are very inspirational. We also ask a lot of people what they think about cycling clothes in general, what they would want to have and how we can improve our clothes. To cap off my post today, here are some more images from my favourite SoCal cycle chic blogs – Eva Lu, who started Cycle Chic Sundays (Australia just got its own version thanks to Sydney Cycle Chic!), LA Cycle Chic, a real inspiration particularly on how to be cycle chic whilst pregnant and with a cute kid and Bike by the Sea who covers Santa Barbara - plus a cool video from the recent Santa Barbara Bicycle Fashion show.
LA Cycle Chic
Some shots from Santa Barbara's Bike by the Sea
...and more from Eva Lu!

Santa Barbara Bike Fashion Show from Christa Clark Jones on Vimeo.

Today being my last day of guest posting, I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Lucy for inviting me to meet you all on the The Design Files! I’ve very much enjoyed indulging in my passion for cycling style and I hope you’ve loved coming along for the ride too. If you’re interested in reading more about my cycling fancies, just pop over to the CycleStyle blog, join the Facebook page and become a Twitter follower – every day there’s something new. And in the meantime, happy cycling! -Joyce

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