8 Colours of Fun with Ebony Bizys!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
6th of September 2010
Ebony and Karina get creative with their artwork for Smarties!
If you are a lover of Australian creative blogs I am quite sure you will know all about Ebony Bizys - aka Hello Sandwich!   Ebony is an artist and graphic designer, and after many years living in sunny Sydney (where she used to be art director for Vogue Living, if you don't mind!), Ebony has recently followed her heart all the way to TOKYO! You MUST VISIT HELLO SANDWICH for all kinds of Tokyo goodness!  Even the RUBBISH in Tokyo looks beautiful through the eyes of Hello Sandwich. Ebony just has a way with words and pictures that is so magical and makes you feel she is an eternally cheerful real-life cartoon character. With a particularly fantastic fringe.
Ebony was recently involved in a gorgeous little project for Smarties called 8 Colours of Fun!  The project teamed 8 Children up with 8 Australian artists, to create works of art inspired by the 8 Colours of Smarties. Ebony and pint-sized pop artist Karina joined forces to create a unique artwork inspired by the colour RED.  It is the cuuuutestttt video everrrrr. There are 8 excellent little movies documenting this great collaborative project...!  You can follow the project at www.facebook.com/Smarties-Australia if you are into that kind of thing. Otherwise all the films are on Youtube right here! Awesome work Ebony!  Can I come and live in Tokyo with you please?! x ps) Many moons ago I was lucky to snaffle an interview with the lovely Ebony B - it's here if you missed it!

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