Scott's Seoul travel diary - Day 3 with MMMG!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
11th of August 2010
MMMG head office, cafe and flagship store!
MMMG cafe - cute and colourful 70's styling
Cute details in the entrance of MMMG
- Scott from Telegram Paper Goods is back with Day 3 of his Seoul travel blog! My next day in Seoul sees me off to visit the head office, cafe and shop front of MMMG (Millimetre Milligram) another favourite brand of ours bought into Australia for the first time last year.  This is our second big season of MMMG so it is important we catch up with them to see what new designs they are bringing together for the upcoming season. Because we specialise in fashion stationery we love to work with brands who create new ranges each season by delivering adaptations of favourites as well as new styles and colour palettes. All of our Korean brands are especially brilliant at this! The MMMG office blends workspace with cafe and a shopfront and is bright, colourful (just like their amazing products) and buzzing with people, designers and visitors all the time. I just love the way they merchandise instore - while it is very neat and architectural, it still conveys a whimsical feeling with their bright colour palette.
MMMG instore merchandising - super colourful, super neat! I also love the red and blue pendant lights hanging above the counter...
Colourful MMMG products
Early evening and we head out to the SSAMZIE market in the bustling area of Insadong in Seoul. This is an art and design gallery and retail space which presents upcoming Korean stuff. Perhaps this is where Suyel and the MMMG team get their inspiration from. It is a bespoke artisan market showcasing amazing Korean designs and the colour and energy that is Seoul. We enjoyed another night of great food with a huge Korean delicious and fresh!
Colour and indie design at the Ssamzie markets
A glimpse of the lush rooftop garden at the Ssamzie markets
A traditional Korean banquet with the team after a big day!

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