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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
5th of August 2010
'A Collection of Old Wives Tales' Perpetual Calendar by Queensland-based print studio Nora Whynot.
Calendar pages
Other lovely Nora Whynot goodies - notebooks, recipe and household files and Ladybug giftcard.
Check out this gorgeous handmade screen-printed stationary by Brisbane-based studio Nora Whynot!  I cannot believe I have only just discovered them!  *ding* lightbulb moment.  I really should be onto these things shouldn't I?! Beautiful, Australian-made and sustainable, the Nora Whynot Press do all their own screen printing, and use recycled materials wherever possible. Their lovely little range includes gift cards, desk accessories, recipe journals, notebooks, calendars and household organisation files. You can buy Nora Whynot papergoods online (and learn a little more about them) at Notemaker online stationary store!  (Wholesale inquiries to Telegram Paper Goods.)
Oh my goodness it is a bit genius to make printed giftcards especially for BLOKES isn't it!?  It is so hard to find good ones!  Nice work Nora.

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