First ever Guest Blog! - Telegram Paper Goods in Korea

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
9th of August 2010
Seoul - all photos by Scott Druce from Telegram Paper Goods
Hi I'm Scott Druce from Telegram Paper Goods! we are a design stationery company based in Melbourne. We seek out stationery right on our doorstep and also across the world, which means we regularly travel overseas to meet designers and suppliers. Korea is one destination I always look forward to visiting. In Australia there is a perception of "blandness" in Korean design - we think of Hyundai cars and LG fridges and not much else from Korea! And when you first visit Seoul it can appear at first view as another big Asian metropolis... but if you scratch the surface there is a talented design and arts scene. There is a proud and growing design movement in Seoul, the Koreans are also much more open and inviting than their close Japanese neighbours. A few years ago I travelled to Korea for the first time and was so impressed by their beautiful design aesthetic and stationery brands that my first trip resulted in Telegram sourcing and bringing to Australia for the first time O-Check Design Graphics. O-Check revive the stationery of yesteryear through their clever design and this has been a hit in Australia.
Telegram Paper Goods visit O'Check's office in Seoul! That's Matt from Telegram on the far left, and Scott on the right.
This week I have returned to Korea for my forth trip and to visit O-Check and one of our newest Korean stationery brands MMMG.
During my first morning in Seoul I simply take in the city. It is such a bustling city with hidden gems... more to come tomorrow!
Hidden Gems in Seoul
Korean Food - so fresh!

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