Present & Correct embossed leather pencil cases

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
29th of July 2010
New embossed leather pencils cases by Present & Correct.
London-based stationery designer extraordinaire Neal Whittington of Present & Correct is up to his usual tricks again... it really is a bit ridiculous how gorgeous his stuff is.  I mean, how is a stationery tragic supposed to resist this kind of cuteness?! Neal and co. made these brand new Homework pencils cases themselves in their East London studio - they're 2mm leather with a smart silver stud fastener.  They come in three colours and two sizes, each decorated with homework-inspired  graphics - you know, all those things you forgot you used to know about, like pythagoras, pi, and Venn diagrams? Nice one Neal!  (Remember Neal? I interviewed him here!)

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