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Jessica Nixon's boathouse / bungalow!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
28th of July 2010
Jessica Nixon's Fairfield 'Boathouse'! (framed Tea-towel in loungeoom - Third Drawer Down)
Gorgeous little open fire in Jessica's living area
Beautiful light-filled bedroom in the annex at the front of the Boathouse (with views of the Yarra at the bottom of the garden!)
Overlapping rugs in the bedroom.. the beautiful pinky patchworked runner was a gift from Doan at Loom
Super-cuteness in the bedroom (+ lamp from Ikea!)
Jessica's 'nicky nackys' in the bedroom!
I met Jessica Nixon only recently, during my little visit and photo-taking mission at Loom Rugs in Prahran East!  Jessica is an interior designer by trade, but also works a couple of days a week for the lovely Doan at Loom... we got chatting during my visit and of course I couldn't help but prick my ears up when she mentioned that she lived in a 'Boathouse'!?

...So of course being the shameless opportunist I am, less than 2 weeks later I found myself in Fairfield, clambering down a steep, lush green garden towards Jessica's little lovenest, and I was certainly not disappointed!  HOW seriously AWESOME is it?!   A fully self-contained little unit, right on the bank of the Yarra River (which is visible from Jessica's bedroom window at the bottom of the garden!).  There was much excited squealing during my visit, let me tell you.  (What can I say, I get excitable about these things.).

Jessica's front door opens into the main living area upstairs, and you have to slip through a TRAP DOOR in the floor, and down a somewhat precarious ladder to reach the kitchen and bathroom downstairs!   How super fun is that?  Very Enid Blyton.  In fact, the whole place has a kind of children's storybook appeal... it is a truly magical little pocket of the world.... It's no wonder Jessica pounced on this unique little apartment as soon as it came up for rent!

I am so grateful to Jess for having me... she even made me lunch.  Which is just ridiculously nice, isn't it? And you have no idea how long it takes me to run around photographing every possible cute angle in a place as gorgeous as this.  Jess was very patient!

If you love Jessica's little place, I am sure you will love her work too!  Do pop over to her website and have a little look!  Jess runs her own Interior Design consultancy called Okologi, specialising in sustainable residential interiors.  She has such an incredible eye for detail, and is really passionate about sustainable design.  Jess has a very holistic approach to her design work, and believes that you can make informed, sustainable design decisions in any home, on any budget.  If you have an interior design / sourcing project in mind, I am sure she would love to hear from you!

Kitchen and outdoor table setting with view down to the Yarra in Fairfield
Lovely colourful details in the Kitchen area... gorgeous little ceramic vases from US designer Jonathan Adler sit on the window ledge.
More Kitchen details... hanging on the wall is a newspaper article featuring this same Boathouse in Women's Day in 1953!?
Jessica passes lunch from the downstairs kitchen through the hatch to the living room!
Boathouse exterior
Boathouse exterior and garden - can you believe this is 15 mins from the City?!

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