Jen Booth · Mixed Doubles

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 16th December 2014

WOAH it was a bit of a last minute shuffle to get this one up just before our Christmas break, but we just couldn’t RESIST sharing these seriously awesome ‘Mixed Doubles’ hand painted leather bracelets by local designer Jen Booth (who, disclaimer, just happens to be one of our dearest pals here at TDF!)

Jen Booth first invented the tiny leather locket.  You remember it.  WELL documented in these parts, Jen’s leather lockets took the internet by storm when she first launched them back in 2012.  Then came the ‘Large-ish’ leather lockets (aka, cross-body bags)… another instant classic.

AND though it has been a little while since those early days of locket-mania, this week, just in time for the last minute gift-hunt, our dear pal Ms Booth has launched her latest design – these bold and supremely stylish ‘Mixed Doubles‘ rolled leather bracelets, hand painted in a range of superb colours, and made right here in Melbourne.

After taking a leatherwork course in New York last year, and experimenting with various leather rolling, stitching and clasping methods, Jen sourced the perfect rolled French leather for her creations – we especially love the ‘liquorice’ thickness, and those elegant gold clasps!

But mainly, let’s face it… it’s all about the colours.

‘The tricky thing with leather, is that on a small scale, you can’t dictate the colours you want it to be – frustrating when you are obsessive about colour!’ says Jen. ‘Whilst trialling various hand dying and painting methods in my studio, I found that I could mix my own leather colours, and all my dreams came true!’

As the name suggests, these do tend to look particularly awesome when worn in pairs.  ‘I wanted the dual toned bracelets to be something you could wear solo, give one to your bestie, or wear in couplets or stacks in tandem colourways…’ says Jen. Like most things in life, more is more!

‘Mixed Doubles’ bracelets are $49 each and are available online here.

‘Mixed Doubles’ hand painted leather bracelets by Melbourne designer Jen Booth. Photo – Elise Wilken, Styling – Nat Turnbull.

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