makeUp at Harvest Workroom – Betty Jo

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 7th July 2011

Today’s Harvest Workshop makeUp host Liz Jones [better known as Betty Jo!] makes some of the most unique and interesting jewellery in town, and all by reusing materials like vintage linoleum, laminex, old buttons and found knick knacks. Each of her pieces is one of a kind and you can create you own “Glaminex” brooch with Betty Jo – wonderful! – Jenny x

Betty Jo aka Liz Jones was an obvious fit when it came to choosing the makeUp teachers as everything that she makes revolves around collecting and reusing materials.

Liz says of her work “I transform forgotten pieces of domestic bric-a-brac into keepsake brooches, pendants and clocks, all with the memories lovingly attached. The unique designs are crafted from recycled vintage linoleum, laminex off cuts, pre-loved buttons and knick knacks and op shopped embroidered doilies.”

For makeUp Liz is running a workshop called Make a “Glaminex” brooch with Betty Jo Designs. In the workshop students will create beautiful “Glaminex” brooches using buttons, beads, bric-a-brac and everyday items. Students are encouraged to bring in their own collections such as buttons, beads, broken jewellery, shells, fabric scraps, ephemera, small plastic, wood or metal bric-a-brac like toy farm animals, game pieces and coloured pencils. To book into Liz’s workshop head to our website. For more info on Liz you can read an interview with her here and check out her awesome blog Lino Forest.

Lara, Jess & Em x

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 7th July 2011

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