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Maurice & King

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 19th January 2011

The Sydney apartment of Kate and Guillame – aka ‘Maurice & King

Dining room details – including some Xmas decos now a little out-of-date but so cute I had to include!

Oh Sydney.  You are so pretty.   So very shiny and summery.  And whilst I am a Melbourne girl through and through… it’s beachside apartments like this which really get me pining over your beautiful sun and the sea and beachside lifestyle!  Swooooon.

This gorgeous little apartment in Sydney’s Manly is home to Kate and Guillame – aka ‘Maurice & King‘.  (I don’t know which is which I must admit!).  Like our enigmatic guest blogger this week, little is known about the mysterious Maurice & King(!!), but we can tell you that Kate is a graphic designer, and has worked for magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia and Cosmopolitan, whilst Guillaume works in banking as a portfolio manager.  The pair live here with their 9 month old son.

Kate and Guillame purchased their 2-bedroom beachside apartment 2 years ago.  It was the location and floorplan which caught their attention initially – the apartment has a great layout and Kate says they loved it from the moment they walked in!  After taking possession, Kate and Guillame set about gutting and renovating the entire space – new floors, new kitchen, new bathroom, ‘the works’ says Kate!  It was a bit of a challenge finding decor / fittings that suited their mid-century, modernist aesthetic, whilst also being functional and child-friendly, she says.  Although the apartment is modest in size, it was a priority to maximise storage space – and to squeeze a dining table into the main living area!

Kate and Guillame have filled their home with favourite finds – Kate says she loves the thrill of the chase when it comes to hunting down coveted furniture pieces, objects and artwork from markets, auctions and eBay.  Many items have been sourced off the beaten track and lovingly restored – ‘nothing better than a home filled with good stories!’ says Kate!  Having said that, the pair are ruthless when it comes to clutter or pieces that simply didn’t work here – ‘We have moved all the furniture at least 20 times and didn’t hesitate to sell pieces that didn’t fit’ says Kate.

AND BEFORE you can muster up any ‘why isn’t my apartment this cute / tidy / tranquil / well located?’ frustration, I should let you know that you can actually rent this apartment yourself very soon!  Kate and Guillame are off to France mid-year, and their lovely little pad is available for holiday rental for around 6 weeks in April and May – please visit this little website for more info!

You also MUST visit Maurice & King’s excellent little blog.  Super super cute and well worth a bookmark!

Thanks so much to Kate and Guillame for sharing their home with us… personally I would LOVE to shack up here for a mid-year Sydney escape…!   If you’re keen,  do drop Kate an email soon!

All credit for this fantabulous Sydney home tour goes to the amazing Jenny Butler – who, it transpires, is the Sherlock Holmes of  cute Australian homes!  She is coming up with some PEARLERS at the minute and in fact uncovered another doozy recently which will be up next week!  Stay tuned!

Master bedroom

Bedroom details.. is that a Bromley?

Study / baby’s room details

Details from the baby’s room

Location location! (and cute terrace details)

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 19th January 2011


  • Stacia 6 years ago

    I love this home, so so gorgeous! And I just love that rug in the loungeroom (the yellow and white one) any ideas where it’s from???

  • captain kk 6 years ago

    all looks gorgeous to me.. have already sent an email about some holiday accom!

  • Margo Carlon 6 years ago

    That street scape looks familiar, anyone thinking of the rental offer go for it. I have the pleasure of visiting Manly whenever I can, a short walk from the above mentioned property. Always great to be near the beach, fresh air, great walks and of course a host of endless activities in the city and surrounding suburbs.
    Love the Bromley, pop over to Dank Street and visit his Gallery.

  • Rosa 6 years ago

    I want…I want!! Love this house and all the fittings -esp. the baby’s ark on the wall – where can I get??

  • Louise (Table Tonic) 6 years ago

    Until recently (feels like it, anyway!), I worked closely with Kate – And she’s as simply divine as her home. LOVE IT! Thanks girls! xLou

  • Claire 6 years ago

    Just lovely! Love the Hornsea ashtray!

  • Mrs Woog 6 years ago

    Over from table Tonic to demand WHERE IS THAT RUG FROM I NEED IT XO

  • Kate & Guillaume 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for the shout out ladies! THRILLED! xx
    PS. Our rug is from…wait for it…. IKEA! True story. One of the best purchases we’ve made!
    Oh, and the wooden ark is from Neck of the Woods in Manly.

  • Maurice & King 6 years ago

    Thanks for the shout-out lovely ladies! THRILLED xx
    PS. Our rug is from…wait for it… IKEA! True story! One of the best purchases we’ve ever made!
    Oh, and the wooden ark is from Neck of the Woods in Manly.

  • jen@bluecaravan 6 years ago

    Love the gorgeous aboriginal painting by Mitjili Naparrula. Beautiful, jx

  • susanfrances 6 years ago

    Kate and Guilliame’s blog is fantastic, one of the best I have seen for a while. Gorgeous apartment, well done!

  • Gena D 6 years ago

    Just gorgeous .. I love all the pretty detail and little touches!!! I could live there!

  • BrooKe 6 years ago

    Hi Kate & Guilliame … love the phOto’s of your apartment … glad to see that you are answering questions on the comments, as i LOVE the tray side table and have been googling for one for ages – can you tell me where that was froM? I also love the ruG! And the bromLEY! And the baby’s room – soo sweet!

  • Kate & Guillaume 6 years ago

    Hi Brooke! We got the tray table is by House of Stockholm and we got it at Top 3 By Design in Sydney We love it!
    Thanks for the lovely comments! Kate x

  • alli 6 years ago

    Love your home. Where did you find the map of Paris? I have been looking EVERYWHERE for one just like that!

  • Kate & Guillaume 6 years ago

    Hi alli, would you believe that Paris map is actually a sheet of wrapping paper we bought for $6!! The brand is Cavallini & Co and they do lots of fabulous vintage map paper. Good luck! x

  • Annu 4 years ago

    Lovely home. Love that IKEA rug, it’s been very popular here in Finland among bloggers.

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