We wish we could individually respond to each question we receive by email, but we often struggle to respond to every enquiry, so we’ve compiled this list of your most frequently asked questions and hope you find the answer you were looking for!

What is The Design Files and when did it start?

The Design Files is Australia’s most popular design blog, edited and (mostly) written by Lucy Feagins.  The site started as a pretty simple blog in early 2008, when Lucy was working as an set dresser in the film industry and interiors stylist.

The Design Files covers Australian design in all its forms – from architecture and interiors to art, craft, graphic design and illustration. Regular features on the site include Australian Homes every Wednesday and Interviews with talented local creative people every Friday. Want to know more? You can visit the About page here.

How did Lucy break into the styling / set dressing industry and does she have any advice for budding stylists?

Like most creative fields the styling industry is highly competitive but don’t let this deter you! Here are Lucy’s top tips for getting your foot in the door -

⋅ Experience is the most essential thing when it comes to styling and same goes for working in the film industry. Unfortunately there is no way to gain experience really except to work for free (or very little) just to get your foot in the door.   ANNOYING but imperative.  We’ve all done it.  Politely approach every person you’ve ever admired who is doing what you’d love to do and see if they’ll take you on for work experience, or even if they’ll let you buy them a coffee and chew their ear off for half an hour.  Be polite but be persistent.  Call them once a month, every month for a year if you have to.

⋅  Set yourself a time limit when it comes to working for free.  Give yourself 40 – 100 hours or so working with one particular company or person, before you start charging  for your time.

⋅ Have a web presence – a blog or a website which showcases your work.  Don’t populate it with everything you’ve ever done – just fill it with the ‘good stuff’.  Quality is more important than quantity for a folio website.

⋅ Hone your skills! There are some great one-off styling master classes out there, we’re a little bias but our pal Megan Morton has some great offerings over at The School in Sydney.

What advice do you have for writing a great blog and / or making an income from your blog?

Every blog is different, but we reckon great blogs often have a few things in common.

⋅ Original content gives readers a reason to come to your site to see content they know they won’t see anywhere else.

⋅ Regular updates give people a reason to visit every single day.

⋅ Support and promote other blogs and businesses and those people will in turn share your blog with their networks, growing your readership in an organic, reciprocal way.

In terms of making an income from your blog, that really is a very personal thing and one size certainly doesn’t fit all.  The options are -

⋅ You can choose to use a third party ad network such as Nuffnang and Blogher – we have never worked with them but lots of excellent blogs do.

⋅ Work directly with advertisers.  At TDF we have always worked directly with our advertisers to ensure all ads are super relevant to our content, and all artwork is nice and pretty!  This is a lot more work but we think it makes for a better reader experience.

Either way, what is essential is that you have a good sized readership and that you know who your readers are – ie are they male or female, what age are they, where do they live, where do they work?  Advertisers need to know this stuff to ensure your site is a good fit for their brand.  Learn about your readers by asking them to take an online survey – I use Survey Monkey.

Does The Design Files accept work experience placements or internships?

The Design Files is mostly a one-woman operation, and TDF HQ is Lucy’s dining table!  Additionally, a lot of our work happens nocturnally at present, which unfortunately means we are not able to offer work experience or internships at this time.

Can I advertise with The Design Files?

Thank you for interest in advertising with The Design Files.  Please visit our Advertising page for information about The Design Files readership, ad options and rates, then email ads@thedesignfiles.net to request an ad kit. We’ll get back to you asap.

How many people read The Design Files?

We are proud to say that the current readership of the site is as follows -

Over 120,000 unique visitors per month
Over 1,200,000 page impressions per month

In addition to these site visits, over 12,000 readers subscribe to The Design Files daily updates by email.  We are SO immensely grateful for your support and readership!

My house is looking a-okay, I think it might have Home Tour potential. Does The Design Files accept submissions?

Yes we do! For submission guidelines regarding potential home tours, interviews, products, and unique creative businesses / individuals doing amazing things please head to our Contact page.

Is any editorial content  on TDF paid for?

No way! If you see it on The Design Files it’s because we love it, no one pays for a mention on TDF!

Where else on the internet can I find The Design Files?

We have fully embraced technology in all it’s social forms – you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram !

Can I republish what I see on The Design Files?

The Design Files original content and photos are copyright protected. Please email us before re-posting our content on other blogs and websites. However please feel free to share our images on Pinterest using the credit ‘via thedesignfiles.net’ and including a photographer credit if applicable.

I am an editor / journalist / broadcaster / television segment producer and would like to interview Lucy. How do I contact her?

This feels strange – the interviewer becomes the interviewee!  Either way we are super chuffed that you think that The Design Files is worthy of some media coverage, please send Lucy a brief email with your request at lucy@thedesignfiles.net and she’ll get back to you quick smart.

I just discovered The Design Files! Do you have an archive where I can read your previous posts?

Firstly, hooray – we’re glad you found us!  We have do have an archive where you’ll find all our posts stemming from our humble beginning in 2008 to today.