The Design Files Neighbourhood calendar – design by Ortolan, front cover illustration by Kat Chadwick.  Photo kindly taken by Bec Newman.


Oh my GOD can you believe we have made a real life calendar?  It is available to buy from Lamington Drive (both in store and online).  The calendar is only $33.00 and there are only 2000 of them which is actually not that many… :) ALSO anyone who buys the calendar between now and December 1st goes into a draw to win a signed limited edition A2 calendar print of their choice!  Ooh la la!

I have included some but not all of the calendar illustrations below… I am supposed to not show all of them.  But it is REALLY HARD not to!  For the full collection, you’ll have to check out ‘Neighbourhoods’, the Calendar exhibition at Lamington Drive, which runs until December 24th!  (Or you could just buy a calendar!)

The idea for The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar came about in June or maybe even July this year.  Which seems like a long time ago but in actual fact that is apparently not very long to get 12 different illustrators on board, rope in a graphic design team, design a layout and colour scheme, find a printer, look at a zillion colour / paper samples and proofs,  edit and tweak to perfection, and get 2000 copies printed by November!  It has been quite a big job and would most certainly not have been possible without the following lovely and supremely talented people -

Jeremy Wortsman at Lamington Drive Editions

Jeremy Wortsman doesn’t really like having his photo taken.  Instead he has supplied this beautiful portrait by Mel Stringer.

Everyone knows the amazingness of Jeremy Wortsman.  He is a real proper grown-up with SO many amazing creative projects on the go it is seriously inspiring.  Jeremy heads up the Jacky Winter Group which is an illustration agency representing all the best Australian illustrators.  He also started Lamington Drive Gallery, and Lamington Drive Editions, which is the new-ish publishing arm of his growing Lamington empire!

Jeremy is the publisher of The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar.  This project would be nothing but a Design Files pipe-dream without JW.  He did the sums, liased with the illustrators, organised the printing and distribution, and gave me a few lessons in colour theory along the way.  He was very patient with me.  I appreciate it.  He also has a great accent.  Thanks Jeremy!

I interviewed Jeremy a while ago – check it out over here.

Kat Macleod and Lizzy Wilson at Ortolan

Kat Macleod (left) and Lizzy Wilson (right) at Ortolan HQ

KAT MACLEOD is one of the most generous creative people I have ever met.  She is the designer who just keeps on giving.  I wonder how I will ever repay her for all the amazing things she has done for The Design Files this year.  Thankyou Kat!!

Kat and lovely Lizzy at Ortolan designed the calendar!  These clever ladies invented this amazing not-quite-A3, but not-quite-A4 size (genius!), selected the colour scheme, talked me into adding a Fluoro layer (scary!), found the glorious title fonts for each page, decided the spiral binding MUST be yellow… and Katty even hand-wrote the back page (yes, disappointing, it is secretly not actually my handwriting – shhh.)

Ortolan are just the loveliest and most talented graphic design team.  I am so grateful to them for their amazing work on this Calendar, and for all the endless graphic design trouble-shooting I put them through on a weekly basis!

You can read a little more about Kat here, and about Lizzy here!

The Illustrators!

Kat Chadwick

Kat Chadwick knows Melbourne neighbourhoods!

Kat Chadwick is just so talented it shouldn’t be allowed.  Her ‘Collingwood’ illustration graces the cover of the calendar… she whipped it up and submitted it within about a week of getting the brief – seriously impressed.

Here are a few questions with Kat Chadwick – for a more in-depth interview I also recently featured her over here!

What was your inspiration when thinking about your neighbourhood and what key details have you included?

I had so much fun doing this illustration! Since moving into my Collingwood studio 4.5 years ago, I’ve got very fond of this neighbourhood. Like a lot of neighbourhoods there are lots of contrasts: old vs. new,  seedy vs. slick and so on. For this drawing I walked around my usual haunts, this time writing down all the things that I like and/or find interesting. There was a very long list by the end of it, here are some of the things:

- Keith Haring’s kooky mural on Johnston Street. But it’s fading before our eyes and desperately needs saving/restoring!

- For years, Max the seagull has staked out Tennants Poulterers on Gold Street, ever eager for his daily chicken treat — and if they forget to feed him he taps impatiently at the shop window.

- Everyone knows Jonathan’s have the best snags in town, and Melissa Bakery next door can claim the same about their cheese and spinach spanas!

- Chopper often shuffles down the back streets of Collingwood, loaded with folklore.

- Cibi is a cute cafe and their design store has been known to sell some rather fetching godzilla toys.

- Behind barred windows and graffitied walls, Tongue & Groove‘s slick showroom displays some great locally designed furniture and lighting.

- On the top floor of a fabulous Foy & Gibson building, felines Marvin and Lucy lord over Oxford Street.

- And of course there are a lot of magpies in these parts (in fact I’m one…Good ol’ Collingwood for evvva!)

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

Concepts for a lane way mural.
Characters, including burglers and chickens, for a website.
Final illustrations for a book on sexual abuse.
Ideas for this year’s Christmas card.

What does a typical day involve you for?

Bike to work around 8.30/10am.

Say hello to my studio mates — Andrew and I share a lovely space with friends who all run their own small design/illustration/architecture businesses.

Turn on computer, music, heater (winter), fan (summer) — our top floor studio is beautiful but not air conditioned or heated, alas!!! Ah well, as Andrew says, at least the studio is perfect for 6 months a year!

Before starting work I usually spend a little or sometimes a lot of time perusing the net (including the Design Files!), then I’ll get on with what is most urgent.

Once I start working I usually keep going working through until I go home, with a wee break for lunch (usually eaten in front of computer I’m afraid).

I don’t have many face to face meetings with clients… most of my work relationships seem to be by email and phone, so its really nice having lovely studio mates. We all know each other well, enjoy what we’re doing on our own terms and freely chat about each others work. Its great getting feedback, especially from people you respect!

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

A really good christmas stocking (Andrew, hope you’re reading this xxk)
Mum’s trifle (especially good for breakfast on Boxing Day)

Kat Macleod

Kat Macleod’s Carlton illustration!

Kat Macleod didn’t just design the layout for the calendar (and hold my hand every step of the way)… she also contributed an amazing illustration of her local neighbourhood – Carlton!   Kat’s illustration covers all Carlton’s most famous (and infamous!) haunts and happenings – and makes good use of one of Kat’s favourite colours – FLUORO ORANGE!    Mmmm coffee and wine and fluoro orange pasta….

Kat gives a little background about her work and her calendar illustration below… and you can see more of her incredible illustration work on her Jacky Winter folio page.

Can you give us a brief bio / background on yourself – what had led you to what you’re doing?

I studied a Graphic Design Degree at Swinburne University, graduating 9 years ago. My first job in the industry was at 3 Deep Design, where I worked during third year uni for my Industry Based Learning year. I worked mostly on design projects, and this is also where I began illustrating commercially.
After graduating from uni I worked as a designer at Fabio Ongarato Design for two years. After FOD I became a freelance illustrator and designer for a couple of years, before setting up Ortolan in early 2006 with my friends Chloe Quigley and Simone Elder. We have a mix of graphic design and illustration clients. It’s the best.

Please explain a little about your illustration for the calendar! What was your inspiration when thinking about your neighbourhood and what key details have you included!?

My home and my studio are both in North Carlton and I love my neighbourhood.   I drew all the bits I love about Carlton: the trees, the coffee, the food, my favourite restaurant Tiamos, Cinema Nova, the cemetery, the museum, the possums. I can’t remember what stage it turned into a bowl of spaghetti, but considering the deep Italian history and restaurants along Lygon street, it felt like a very appropriate shape for the drawing!

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

I have illustrated two books this year which are being released this month – the second Michi book, What on earth are you wearing?, and also a very special art book I’ve done for ERM Books (published by And Collective) entitled Sequins & Sequence.

I have also just completed a merchandise collaboration with The Australian Ballet for their fashion line: Ballet vs Fashion, and am working on a new product for Heide Museum of Modern Art, both of which will be out in the new year.

What does a typical day involve you for?

I walk down the street to the Ortolan studio, and meet up with the six lovely ladies I work with.  Some days there will be a few of us working on a project together, or sometimes I might be switching between illustration and design jobs. There’s always lots of emails and a few meetings throughout the day, and many chats with the girls.

At the end of the day I walk home and hang out with my husband Cam and our two lovable old cats.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

A Marimekko bowl, and some cups too, a cool rug to hide the stains on the carpet, a trip to Tokyo (it’s a wish list right?!), and also some really cute maternity dresses/giant muumuus for summertime when I’ll be heavily pregnant!

Beci Orpin

Beci Orpin in her Brunswick studio – image from Poketo!

Beci Orpin is a much-loved local designer / illustrator… a bit famous, even.  Beci’s clients include Universal Music, Visa, Fosters and Mercedes Benz.  In addition to freelance work, Beci also exhibits her work and runs children’s clothing label Tiny Mammoth. When she is not working, Beci likes riding her bike, gardening and hanging out with her two sons tyke and ari, and partner Raph.

I interviewed Beci a long time ago over here!  (Oh and I even snooped in her house, over here!)

What was your inspiration when thinking about your neighbourhood and what key details have you included?

My inspiration came from my favourite parts of the melbourne  – certain restaurants, shops, streets and buildings; crazy weather; great produce; eating out and having nice drinks. Each of these things has a unique-ness, but combined make Melbourne what it is.  I also tried to include hidden details because knowing Melbourne is all about knowing the hidden details!

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

Prints for Beci x Gorman tee range, illustrations jobs through Jacky Winter, menus and signage for Raph’s new venture Beatbox Kitchen rooftop, re-branding for Sydney store Kido, and also finishing off new Beci Orpin site (should be live this week)

What does a typical day involve you for?

Woken up by kids, closely followed by breakfast/school rush, coffee, check/write emails, do some drawing/painting/computer work, check email again, eat lunch at my computer, have a meeting, more drawing etc, school pick-up, cook dinner, bed kids, then back to work for a few hours… wake up and do it all again!

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

My dream list currently consists of:  Jardan ‘Alby’ pouf (apple green thanks), Shine Shine cushions, Apartmento subscription, a big indoor plant, a better camera and a new kitten.

Marcela Restrepo

Marcela Restrepo

Marcela Restrepo was born and grew up in Medellín in Colombia, South America.  She moved to Sydney in 2004, after meeting her husband (then boyfriend), who came to Australia to study a Masters in Sustainable Architecture.

Amazingly, Marcela discovered illustration by chance!  She’s a graphic designer by trade, but after years of working in graphic and web design, she was looking for a change.  It was then she met Christopher Nielsen (a seriously great Australian illustrator), and after seeing her drawings he pointed her to Jeremy Worstman from Jacky Winter.  Marcela became part of the Jacky Winter group and the rest is history!

Marcela draws particularly amazing MAPS and FOOD.  I have featured some of her work on the site before, over here.  You should also definitely check out her online shop, where you can purchase prints of her work, and her amazing back catalogue on the Jacky Winter website!

What was your inspiration when thinking about your neighbourhood and what key details have you included!?

Darlinghust is a vibrant inner city suburb.  It has great restaurants and cafes. It also has Oxford Street, which is known for its gay and straight clubs. It is Sydney’s main nightclub strip.

There you can also find some great vintage and designer furniture stores.

What I love the most is the terrace and the sandstone little houses. At night you can see the light inside the houses. It makes you want to come inside, ‘specially in winter.

I also highlighted the beautiful leafy streets and that nice city view

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

I just finishing a very exciting project, I did all the illustrations for the Sydney Festival 2011.

What does a typical day involve you for?

I start working around 8:30, checking email etc. As I am based in Australia I may wake up to some news and client responds when I’m working for other countries. Since I don’t even have to walk to work, I go to yoga three days a week. That is what resets me to come back to the desk and the bad posture.

I work all day but stand up a lot to walk around, check out the fridge and some times even perform one of my private extravagant dance choreographies from salsa all the way to Punk Rock.

At night Daniel comes back from work to cook me a nice dinner.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

Not much, only a nice two bed room unit … and all the furniture and details to decorate it!!

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver Hancock says he feels horrible when he’s not drawing. He panics that he may not be able to draw everything in the world, at least once.

James is from Melbourne but he has recently moved to Brooklyn NYC.   He is currently trying to draw all the buildings in New York.  Whilst driving a battleship and looking through a telescope, apparently!

Can you give us a brief bio / background on yourself – ie what had led you to what you’re doing?

How I got here, I don’t know, I do remember in pre-school refusing to move on to the next activity after painting, instead devising the most complex image I could think, of… a city of houses including every detail, every person, and every spider web between every house, I still have the drawing…. It was a cunning plan that has since seen me work for major print, TV and music publishing releases. I have also participated in visually artistic projects in Indonesia, Austria, Germany, France, Australia, USA and the UK, taking my whimsical perception around the world.

What was your inspiration when thinking about your neighbourhood and what key details have you included?

I’m a recent immigrant to Brooklyn, like most people here. What struck me initially was the buildings, the density, the community. I’d seen it so much through film as an outsider, I almost didn’t believe it existed. It’s such a heavily romanticised place, it’s almost like a mirage to see it in the flesh. People actually living in the Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window set. It’s real! So the buildings play a big part of my getting to know this place, but there’s also this obsession with old world food and “real” eating. Think black wood bars, men in waistcoats serving local beer and meat like your grandpa would of eaten, but made by a 30 year old guy in a farm no more than 50 miles away who only uses a hand built organic wooden ploughing machine…. It’s an obsession.

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m indulging my obsessions and trying to overcome culture shock by trying to draw all the buildings in new york.

What does a typical day involve you for?

Ride my bike, draw, print that drawing, put it somewhere on display, ride to find friends… drive a battleship, look through a telescope, philosophize, have mind blown. Draw some more…. worry I haven’t drawn enough… sleep.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

Expensive art materials, and a hot rod.

Good Wives and Warriors

Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell of Good Wives and Warriors

I am not supposed to show ALL of the calendar pics here but it is REALLY HARD to avoid sharing this one…!  How amazing is it!?

Good Wives and Warriors are Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell, two extraordinarily talented Scottish lasses who, after a brief flirtation living in the Southern Hemisphere, are currently living and working in London.  For October’s illustration, Becky and Louise have created an incredibly detailed drawing of Shoreditch, where they share a studio.  Shoreditch is the coolest and cutest place in Central London – it’s home to Rob Ryan’s shop Ryantown, salt beef bagels, and the Columbia Road flower market on a Sunday.

I have interviewed Becky and Louise HERE, and also, they painted a SPECTACULAR wall mural at Mr Wilkinson in Brunswick last year!  Have you seen it?  Watch the video here… truly amazing… and they didn’t even draw it on paper first!

What was your inspiration when thinking about your neighbourhood and what key details have you included?

Bricklane is the heart of Shoreditch and is home to a lot of creative industries, art galleries, music venues, markets and good pubs/cafes so we used it as the central point for the drawing.  It is a good navigation point for exploring the nieghbourhood, and known for salt-beef bagels so we had to include them tumbling out of the picture.  Other key locations are Old Street and Columbia Road which has a great flower market on a Sunday.

What neighbourhood do you live in at the moment?

Currently we are living just north of Shoreditch in Homerton which is still part of the borough of Hackney. Homerton is not as trendy as Shoreditch but we love it!

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

We have just finished working on a big Geodesic dome sculpture for an exhibition in Manchester as part of a science festival and are in the middle of making drawings for an exhibition in Mexico City in December.

What does a typical day involve you for?

It involves a 20min bike ride to the studios which we share with three product designers. Sunbury studios is 5 mins walk from Bricklane so it is always tempting to down for a bagel at lunchtime!

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

I think we’ll both be looking forward to a lot of time spent napping on the sofa after 3 weeks in Mexico city working solidly on a big wall painting!  Maybe a big glass of port too!


Biddy Maroney and Sonny Day of Webuyyourkids! Photo by Nic Bezzina

Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney are stupendously talented and in demand…. In fact I can’t even believe we GOT them involved in this calendar project, because they are so freaking busy all the time.  Thanks to JW for sealing the deal!  This prolific pair make the most AMAZING music posters, packaging deisgn, graphic identities, T shirts, websites, oversized wall murals etc etc… I cannot possibly convey how talented and versatile they are in just a few words, you REALLY need to check out their website and folio page!  ALSO you can check out my interview with Biddy right here.

For The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar, Webuyyourkids have illustrated their local neighbourhood – Sydney’s Newtown!

Please explain a little about your illustration for the calendar!

Ch-ch-ch-chaaanges. We love Newtown and have lived in the same block for  over 10 years. It keeps getting shinyer here but we still love it cos it’s so un-fashionable in many ways. That’s what our picture is about.

What was your inspiration when thinking about your neighbourhood and what key details have you included!?

The building in the background is the Trocadero (just a few doors down from our house) a beautiful old building that was empty and destitute for ages but has been recently renovated into offices no one can afford (unless you’re a high-end production company).  The whole idea of our illo is change – the old Newtown – (the skull, the pierced nose)  and the new (the fine food, the cafe culture. the very expensive real

Then there is some of the Newtown staples – dogs, the gay pride triangle, the reference to King St with the crown and within that is a reference to the “I have a dream mural” with the Aboriginal flag that is perhaps the most iconic thing in Newtown.  The symbol on the dog tag is the Greek Delta symbol that represents change.

Aaaaand I think thats it!

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

Just finished painting furniture for the Adidas Concept store in the new Centrepoint, Sydney. We’ll be painting a mural in there when we get back from the massive UK holiday we’re on at the moment. We’ve just done a bunch of posters for some of our favourite bands touring this Summer and looking forward to doing some screen-prints for those tours when we get back too. Plus more stuff for the crazygood Laneway Festival this year, which is chock full of those favourite bands. A skate graphic for Witchcraft, which we are insanely excited about. Just finished the identity and packaging for a new alcoholic beverage… and so many, many other bits and pieces.

What does a typical day involve you for?

At the moment we’re in London so everyday we are waking up and having our minds blown by awesomeness. Usually, at home, we wake up, we work, we might drink some beer, we go to sleep, repeat.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

More holidays. Sonny wants a big box of shoes.

Madeleine Stamer

Madeleine Stamer at home with gorgeous kids Ada and Minnie!

Madeleine is a talented Melbourne artist, illustrator and super busy working Mum of gorgeous kids Minnie and Ada!  (Madeleine and family also live in a beautiful apartment which you might have spotted over here!).  Madeleine’s amazing illustrations are inspired by Mexicana, traditional folk art, street art and graffiti.  She sells her stunning prints and other designed bits and bobs online under the name ‘Little Circus Design’, and she has just created some amazing pillowcases with Third Drawer Down!  Maddie also has a super cute little blog over here.

Maddie’s brand new pillowcase designs for Third Drawer Down!

For the calendar, Madeleine has illustrated one of Melbourne’s much loved neighbourhoods -  Prahran (and a little bit of Windsor!)

Can you give us a brief bio / background on yourself – ie what had led you to what you’re doing?

A background in ceramics eventually led to illustration. When Karl and I had our first child I decided to stop working with clay. I love ceramics but I just couldn’t justify the time needed plus clay dust was affecting my health and I didn’t have the space or facilities to continue working from home. I’ve always placed an emphasis on surface decoration, embellishment and pattern particularly with my ceramics so it was a natural transition to move into illustration. In 2006 I began my business Little Circus Design focusing on freelance illustration, commissions, selling my prints and product range. In 2007 I was fortunate to join the fold at Jacky Winter. The journey has been phenomenal ever since!

Please explain a little about your illustration for the calendar! What was your inspiration when thinking about Prahran and what cute details have you included?

My image combines elements of both Windsor and Prahran. I have a long relationship with Prahran. I spent half of my youth blissfully cavorting up and down Chapel Street, hanging out at Hard and Fast and late night feasts at Hungry Jacks. I love the not so glamorous and seedier aspects of Prahran. Prahran is blessed with an amazing Market, the pool and open public spaces.

When planning my image I initially had grandiose ideas and wanted to include so much but I ended up having to limit my plans. There were so many quirky elements and architecturally significant buildings, places and local characters that I would have loved to include but I simply couldn’t fit them all in or do them justice! The main character is a well dressed pigeon, Chapel Street seems to be plagued by pigeons so I thought it fitting to include one.

When I think of Windsor/Prahran I immediately think of Chapel Street Bazaar, Greville Street, the Commercial Road strip, fashion (the good, the bad and the fugly), shopping, street art, pubs, food, nightlife, culture, colourful characters and hidden treasures. I included a day/night scene with upside down buildings which represent the old Prahran arcade, the town hall clock and the Prahran commission flats. I included the 3 super cute pink elephants that reside on top of the Windsor Castle Hotel where I celebrated my 21st birthday many, many moons ago. You may recognize Tarlo and Grahams fancy gates, just about my favorite shop in the world!

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

The last few months have been crazy busy, in a good way. I’ve been terribly fortunate to have been involved with some awesome projects that are just beginning to surface. Personal work such as new open edition prints, gift cards, razzle dazzle silver earrings (coming soon!) and my pillow case collaboration with Third Drawer Down. Yay!

What does a typical day involve you for?

Most mornings (if all my planets are aligned) the kids might sleep in which will give me enough time to do a few ‘me’ things such as check my emails, shower, then stare blankly out the window (not necessarily in that order) all before the fun and games begin. Generally I work around the kids. It’s pretty much non-stop domestic mum action until evening when the kidlets go to bed. During the day if I’m lucky I can get some work done when my little Ada has her nana nap but more often than not I work late at night. I also teach visual arts 3 days a week so I need to be constantly super organised, somehow it all comes together.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

Peace, goodwill and a whole lot o’ loving, oh and one of these

Neryl Walker

Neryl photographed in her studio by John Tsiavis

Neryl is inspired by vintage nostalgia and naked ladies.  Her work has been described as ‘mainly hot, sexy women with hardly any clothes on, which remind you of a 1960′s Carry On film’.   Pretty accurate, I reckon :)

Neryl’s clients include Bloom Cosmetics, Bare Escentuals, Coca Cola, McDonalds, New York magazine, Chronicle Books, and Vogue Nippon amongst others.  Her work has also been included in Luerzer’s Archive top 200 Illustrators!  Apart from a stint living and working in the Big Apple, she is now based in Balaclava in Melbourne.  She has a very awesome hi-tech kitchen and an 8 month old baby called Ivy.

Here are a few words with Neryl about the Calendar project!  I also interviewed her a while ago over here, and what the hell, whilst you are snooping you might as well check out her house.

What was your inspiration when thinking about East st Kilda and what cute details have you included?

East St Kilda/Balaclava is a predominantly Jewish neighbourhood.  It’s a great mix of old and new – although the number of new cafes are starting to outweigh the old Jewish bakeries and European delis. ‘The Lady of St Kilda’ was a schooner moored at the main beach for much of 1841, from which St Kilda got it’s name. There is a sculpture depicting this on the Balaclava railway bridge. Today the ladies of East St Kilda anchor themselves in cafes drinking lattes.

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

Illustrating for a US cosmetic company, Bare Escentuals and painting towards an exhibition at Lamington Drive.

What does a typical day involve you for?

Early mornings, nappy changes and deadlines! I’m currently juggling work and entertaining our 8 month old daughter, Ivy.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

A holiday please!

Rik Lee

Rik Lee created this incredible illustration of Fitzroy for the calendar!

Rik Lee lives in Fitzroy and likes drawing pretty girls.

He’s a man of few words, but when you can draw like this, who needs an explanation?

Love your work Rik! :)

Can you give us a brief bio / background on yourself – what had led you to what you’re doing?

Okay, my name is Rik Lee, i’m a freelance illustrator who lives and draws in Melbourne. After high school I studied graphic design which taught me how to use a computer and that I didn’t really like graphic design. After graduating I concentrated on what I loved doing – drawing – and fortunately, this is what I’m still doing today.

What was your inspiration when thinking about your neighbourhood, and what cute details have you included?

I have illustrated my home suburb of Fitzroy for the neighbourhood calender.  I basically just included a bunch of imagery that typifies Fitzroy (and that I like drawing) including food and drink, fashion, bikes and cute girls.

What other creative projects are your working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on illustration jobs for Puma, Smiggle and Hurley. I’ve also just put together an online store and i’m busy putting together tattoo flash sheets and some personal t-shirt designs.

What does a typical day involve you for?

Drawing and coffee. Or in fact coffee and drawing in that order.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

An American working visa.

For more on Rik check out his blog and brand new online shop!

Jane Reiseger

Jane Reiseger at home in Yarraville

Yarraville calendar illustration by Jane Reiseger!

Jane Reiseger‘s beautiful illustrations have graced billboards, tramstops, the bedrooms of a few very lucky Melbourne kids and the walls of Sydney’s Children’s Hospital… and if you’ve ever shopped at Nest Homewares in South Melbourne, you’re more than likely familiar with Albi the elephant..!

Jane’s work is filled with playfulness and childlike innocence… and it takes a very special grown-up to draw with the ease and naivete of a child!  It seems so cool that some of Melbourne’s luckiest tots gaze up to Jane’s murals from their little beds, whilst high-end retailers such as Rogerseller commision wall paintings and branding illustrations from the very same artist!  In addition to reading her responses below, you can check out my earlier interview with Jane over here.

For the calendar Jane has created such a beautiful little sketch of her beloved Yarraville… so so pretty and delicate!  Thanks Jane – love your work!

What was your inspiration when thinking about your neighbourhood and what key details have you included!?

I love Yarraville… it has a unique relaxed village /country feel.  The places I chose are the places I go to on a regular bases.  Plump is an organic grocer with yummy fruit and veg and has very cute little wooden stools out the front.  The corner shop does amazing coffee.  I go to Haus Frau about once a week for their yummy chicken and mushroom pies with chutney…they also do delicious little cakes and bread.  The Sun Theatre is a Yarraville landmark… a beautiful old cinema with a big old retro  fit out.  I also drew the Westgate Bridge which I drive over every day or two… it has great views of the city and water.

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

I have just finished  hand painting a mural on the ground floor at the CBD (a pub in Sydney) commissioned by the interior stylist Sibella Court.  I’m currently working on a project with Buro North and Bates Smart for the new Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne which will open end of 2011.  It’s probably the most challenging project (in many ways) I have worked on… I cant wait to see it all up.  I’m also working on a children’s book for the NGA in Canberra with Kleimeyer Industries and have been doing a little bit of work with Big by Fiona Scanlan… I haven’t done much before in the fashion world so it has been really interesting using my illustrations in a different way.

What does a typical day involve you for?

I like going for a walk with my dog Misty in the morning… everyone’s gardens are smelling and looking so nice at the moment.  Then I like looking at a few blog sites while I’m eating breakfast… helps me ease into the day ahead.  I usually work at home in the morning then go out in the afternoon and work for a while in a café or I drive to Williamstown and work in my car while listening to the radio and looking out at the harbour and all the big industry boats coming and going. I usually have onsite meetings about 4 times a week.  I currently try to stop work around 5pm and go for another walk with Misty or a swim at the pool a couple of times a week.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

A room dividing bookcase/plant stacker thingy…. My partner is making something for me out of found bits and pieces.

Pauline Matthewman

Pauline Matthewman self portrait

Pauline Matthewman saved our bacon by signing up for inclusion in The Design Files Calendar line-up at the very last minute!  Phew!  THANKYOU PAULINE!  She has created a gorgeous illustration of Paris’s Montmartre district… complete with Moulin Rouge dancers, The Carousel at the bottom of the hill at Sacre Couer… and even Amelie makes an appearance with her friendly globe-trotting gnome!

I LOVE Pauline’s cartoony old-school illustrattion style!  It reminds me of the Saturday morning cartoons of my childhood – The Flintstones, The Jetsons and Top Cat – when animation was all about characters with stylised square jawlines, repeating backgrounds and kooky catch cries (Yabba dabba dooooo!).

When Pauline isn’t illustrating, exhibiting or sleeping, she can be found making music with kitchen implements(!!)

Can you give us just a brief little bio / background about how you came to be doing what you are doing

I have always drawn, I even went and did a Fine Arts Course, though like a philosophy degree, the likelihood of making a living out of that degree was very small and I therefore turned to the glamourous world of admin!  A couple of years ago I decided “to hell with it all”, I needed to be doing what I truly  loved, which was scratching out little scribbles that make me giggle.  Haven’t looked back since making that decision! Life is now fun, silly and tremendously satisfying.

What was your inspiration when thinking about your neighbourhood and what key details have you included!?

Montmartre is an amazing neighbourhood with a history firmly entrenched in the arts, it was hard not to be inspired.  In fact, it was difficult to decide what not to put in!  In the end I decided to keep it as simple as I could.   I included Sacré-Cœur Basilica, The Moulin Rouge,  Le Chat Noir, The Carousel at the Base of Montmartre, The Café des 2 Moulins, Amelie, an Easel and a globetrotting gnome.

What neighbourhood do you live in?

Ivanhoe in Melbourne, far enough from the city to be quiet, and not so far that it takes me decades to get into Melbourne.

What other creative projects are you working on at the moment?

During the day I have ongoing freelance work with an Australian Toy Company doing designs and turnaround illustration for products.  I am currently working on a group exhibtion that will be opening in December.  Any jobs that come in from the Hatch, and a bunch of other freelance jobs I try to do in between all of the above and sleeping.  I am also trying to start a band in which the only instruments are kitchen implements……that’s creative too isn’t it?

What does a typical day involve you for?

Wake up, go to work, draw toys, come home, do any other freelance work (and if none is on, which is rare, then I work on my own stuff) then off to bed….Rinse & Repeat.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

Hmmmmm, A nice big easel so I can, on occasion, get away from the computer.