Kara Rosenlund · Into the Sea

by Elle Murrell
Friday 19th May 2017

Dreaming of warmer beach days? Since sighting this new photographic print series from photographer Kara Rosenlund, we TOTALLY are (…and even a little more so as Lucy’s in the sunny south of France this week – follow her Cannes adventures on Instagram).

This afternoon, the Brisbane-based lenswoman shares new work, which elevates seemingly ordinary East Coast moments to emotive and timeless pieces for the home.


Kara Rosenlund’s love of the water has clearly seeped into her craft. The photographer grew up near the sea and spent many idyllic weekends along the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Today, she still returns to the seaside at every chance she gets. ‘The water has always offered a feeling of freedom and escapism that only the ocean can provide,’ she explains.

The photographer’s latest collection of limited edition prints, Into the Sea, showcases an array of coastal landscapes, exuding the same sense of calm that the setting evokes for Kara.  More vibrant than past collections, this new body of work continues to features iconically Australian landscapes, to which the photographer is often drawn. Nostalgia-tinged black-and-white shots are also included alongside full-colour photographs.

Kara’s Whitehaven Beach print was captured from a helicopter. ‘The only major challenge is not dropping lenses out the open side!’ jokes Kara. For this shot, she was coordinating a model in the water, a speedboat with crew and the pilot all at once. ‘It was quite the orchestration, with lots of walkie-talkie hysterics,’ she recalls. ‘Moments like that remind me how much I love my job!’

Next, Kara is off to the remote Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia where she’ll be diving with Whale Sharks – perhaps this really should’ve been a Dream Job feature!

Kara Rosenlund’s photographs are available for purchase through her website, here, where you can also keep an eye out for her soon-to-be-released KR lifestyle winter collection and KR Travel Fragrances.

Queensland photographer Kara Rosenlund with prints from her new collection, Into the Sea. Photo – courtesy of Kara Rosenlund.

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