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Hotel Jesus · Aguachile

Matt Lane
Tuesday 21st March 2017

‘Every time I head back to Mexico I’m completely blown away by the food. It’s next level,’ says Melbourne restaurateur Matt Lane. Luckily, he’s sharing his delicious discoveries with Melbourne Mexiphiles at his Collingwood tostaderia Hotel Jesus.

Today, Matt has got another great recipe for you to try at home too: Aguachile, a fresh prawn and chilli salsa!

Aguachile is a classic combo of raw prawns, lime and chilli. This dish can vary wildly in the Scoville stakes, depending on the time of year that the chillis are harvested.

I find there is nothing more satisfying than drinking a michelada (beer and lime cocktail) and a plate of aguachile on a warm summer’s day. It’s another of those dishes that make you think, ‘wow, Mexican cuisine is amazing!’

Ingredients (Serves 4 as a starter)

  • 250g fresh prawn cutlets

For the aguachile salsa

  • 150ml fresh lime juice
  • 30g green chilli
  • Half bunch coriander
  • Salt and pepper to taste

For the garnish

  • 30g red onion
  • 60g cucumber
  • 1 avocado
  • 8 tortilla chips (11cm tostada)


For the salsa – in a blender, combine the fresh lime juice, green chilli, coriander and a pinch of salt and pepper. (If you don’t have a blender, chop the chilli and coriander finely and mix by hand with the lime juice.) Set aside.

For the garnish – cut the red onion in half and finely slice half circles. Put the sliced onion straight into iced water for five minutes then drain. Cut the cucumber in half horizontally and finely slice ribbons length ways.

Lay the prawns flat on the cutting board, and slice them in half along the vein line.

In a bowl, combine the cut prawns and the Aguachile salsa. Ensure all the prawns are coated in salsa. Leave to cure for five minutes.

With a big serving spoon (or your hands), top each tostada with the prawns, and garnish with the red onion, cucumber and two slices of avocado.


Aguachile from Smith Street tostaderia Hotel Jesus.  Production / Styling – Nat Turnbull. Photo – Eve Wilson.

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