Electric Confetti

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 9th February 2017

Just 10 months ago, we first introduced Electric Confetti, a Melbourne based business specialising in a range of fun, contemporary neon lights, reimagined as artwork for the home or workspace.

Less than a year later, we can hardly keep up with designer and founder Natalie Jarvis’s many varied collaborations and achievements. The jewel in the (neon) crown, though, is her brand new retail store in Brighton.


Natalie Jarvis of Electric Confetti has a LOT going on. In the past year, her fledgling business has grown in leaps and bounds. She has designed and illustrated two neon baby books through Hardie Grant Egmont. She has developed a broader range of neon products (including a range of smaller and lower price point designs). She has worked with international model Coca Rocha (!!) – collaborating with her to design a David Bowie and Prince neon sign. To top it off, she’s currently pregnant with her third child, and she’s just opened her first retail store. WOAH THERE Natalie. Slow down already. You’re making me tired.

Natalie’s venture into bricks and mortar retail came about necessarily, after her business quickly outgrew her home studio. ‘Dispatch is getting bigger with each batch of custom orders we do, so we really required the space to expand and store’ she says. Plus, with the impending arrival of her third child under 4, the separation of home and work space is about to become more essential than ever!

Over the past few months, it’s social media that has driven a large portion of Natalie’s business. ‘Our social media presence has grown significantly since the last TDF article, and this has put us in front of a larger audience of highly creative people from across the world’ explains Natalie. As a designer and illustrator first and foremost, she has relished the opportunity to work with international brands and bigger design studios to bring new neon ideas to life!

Natalie’s business model offers both off the shelf and custom designs, with some commissions more memorable than others. ‘There’s certainly been a few x-rated quote requests’ Natalie chuckles. ‘Some phallic pieces, as well as language that would be censored if we typed it here…!’

Electric Confetti‘s new store is located at 126a Martin St, Brighton VIC 3186. Opening hours are generally 10:00 to 5:00, Monday to Friday, or by appointment.

Natalie Jarvis of Electric Confetti behind her counter ‘parking bench’. Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files.

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