Evie Cahir

by Elle Murrell
Monday 23rd January 2017

We’re loving the work of Evie Cahir, a young North Melbourne-based illustrator and artist.

With a distinctive painterly approach, Evie focuses on familiar subject matter, yet assigns everyday objects new meaning in her own delightful way – a style she humbly admits will always be a ‘work in progress’.

As well as she can remember, Evie Cahir started drawing as soon as she’d developed her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination (pen-licence level++). ‘I’d have to check in with my Mum, but I estimate that I’ve been painting since I was eight,’ jokes the down-to-earth illustrator.

Fast-forward to today, and Evie can be found in her North Melbourne studio creating for a varied client list including SBS, cult food mag Lucky Peach, and local fashion label Kuwaii. Her self-published book ‘A Single Tear’, documenting an art residency in Finland, was also quickly snapped up when it launched last year.

Evie grew up in Ballarat before moving to Melbourne to study Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic. ‘As it goes with almost every other illustrator out there, I was a very quiet kid that drew all the time, so studying illustration was a continuation of putting pencil to paper,’ she reminisces.

Working in meticulous detail with pencil, crayon and paint, Evie approaches her work as a constant experiment. ‘Making mistakes and learning from them influences my style most’ she explains. ‘I feel that I’m constantly problem-solving.’

She generates ideas by immersing herself in public spaces, spending time alone, talking through ideas with friends, and keeping long lists of ‘Nice Things’ to revisit. ‘Though I relish a drawing challenge and illustration jobs that require some strange Google image searches, I also like painting things from around my room, the market across the road, or the park nearby – so many fruits and vegetables, shops, and nice shadows!’

Evie’s got her ‘fingers in lots of pies’ for 2017!  She’s planning a solo exhibition, a trip to Japan, and a bunch of great collaborations with other talented creatives, including Carla McRaeStephanie Stamatis and Jun Inoue!

Stay in the loop with Evie’s new and upcoming projects by visiting her website here.

Artworks by Evie Cahir. Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files.

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