by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 13th December 2016

When creative people have kids, its not uncommon for an inspired child-centric product line to follow. There is just so much TO BUY when a baby joins the family… and you suddenly become aware of a whole new category of products and consumables that you were previously happily oblivious to!

DON’T WORRY, I have not designed a product range for kids (yet!), BUT the very talented Jeremy Wortsman of The Jacky Winter Group has!

Nestling’ is Jeremy’s latest project – a collection of products for children’s spaces, created in collaboration with some of Australia’s most talented illustrators and designers.

Nestling’ is the latest project from The Jacky Winter Group – a collection of products for children’s spaces, created in collaboration with some of Australia’s most talented illustrators and designers.

Described by its creator, Jeremy Wortsman, as as ‘an ode to the nesting rituals of expecting parents’, Nestling’s debut range comprises a collection of artwork designed with kids in mind, printed as hanging fabric scrolls, with locally crafted timber fixings.

The project came about in response to typical nursery wares – after his first child was born, Jeremy found it difficult to source locally made pieces for kids spaces, and was particularly uninspired by an over-saturation of plasticky blues and pinks! It didn’t take long before his innately entrepreneurial spirit took over (!), inspiring a new product range.

The art scroll series includes works by artists including Beci Orpin, Grace Lee, James Gulliver Hancock, Kat Macleod and many more! Each artwork comes with a pair of Tasmanian Oak hanging bars, designed and made locally by United Measures, with hanging cord available in four colour options. The fabric art panels are also locally printed and sewn, and can be removed from their bars with ease, washed, ironed or replaced with new prints or scrolls as children grow and their interests change. BECAUSE JEREMY THINKS OF EVERYTHING.

In addition to these art scrolls, Nestling’s first range includes a bespoke interlocking kids foam matting product, designed by SUPER AMAZING design duo Craig and Karl (originally from Australia but now based in New York and London respectively).

‘Without a doubt the Craig and Karl mats were a standout and a huge learning experience’ says Jeremy. ‘As a new parent, this was the hardest thing to find. It needs to be something that compliments your home, but is also functional for children, and something that you walk over all the time. We love the way that Craig and Karl have deconstructed a traditional ‘carpet’ design, and made something truly unique in this space’.

Nestling’s debut product range is currently on display at Lamington Drive in Collingwood. Future Nestling functional products are already in development – watch this space!

‘Nestling’ collection launch
Lamington Drive
101A Sackville St

Open Wed – Fri 11am – 6pm, and Saturdays from Midday – 5pm until Dec 17th, 2016.

NOTE : As Nestling printed products are all locally printed on demand, the deadline for Christmas orders is TODAY (Agh!) Tuesday 13th, at 5.00pm – jump on it peeps.

‘The Solar System’ art scroll by Nancy Liang. Photo – Tatanja Ross.

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