Stephen Baker · In-Between Days

Lucy Feagins
Monday 7th November 2016

We’re huge fans of local artist Stephen Baker, and were super chuffed to host an exhibition with him (along with another local favourite, Sarah Kelk) earlier in the year.

We’re blown away by Stephen’s latest body of work, which forms an exhibition entitled ‘IN-BETWEEN DAYS’ opening in Melbourne this week!

Melbourne artist Stephen Baker is a quiet achiever. Though totally chill in person, Stephen is an ambitious and focussed creative. He’s also impressively prolific – having already participated in a number of group shows this year, this week he opens a new solo exhibition, entitled ‘IN-BETWEEN DAYS’.

Using a restrained palette and working on a larger scale than usual, these latest works represent a turning point in Stephen’s practice. Though rendered in his distinctive geometric style, the paintings are more expressive and emotive than we’ve seen from Stephen before. The human form is a central theme – male and female bodies lounge and interact within an imagined futuristic setting.

For Stephen, this body of work is a exploration of solitude and human behaviour. ‘In-between days define us’ explains Stephen. ‘Through this series of paintings, I outline a simple proposition: that we only truly come to understand ourselves when we’re on our own, with nothing much to do.’

In-between days are the days when you wake up with no plans and nothing much to do. Sometimes you’re happy to be directionless, mind wandering, sails soft against the breeze. Sometimes your mind is awash with doubts and fears, old habits and new resolutions” – Stephen Baker

In-Between Days opens this Friday November 11th!  Advance requests for a catalogue, please email

G1 Gallery Space Projects
Level 1
5 Easey St
(Above Guy Matthews Industrial)

Exhibition runs November 11th – 13th (One weekend only!)
Opening Friday, November 11th, 6.00pm – 9.00pm


 Stephen Baker with one of the works for his upcoming show, In-Between Days. Photo – Brook James.

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