Eleonora Arosio

Lisa Marie Corso
Tuesday 27th September 2016

Today we introduce the work of Italian-born, Melbourne-based illustrator Eleonora Arosio.

Eleonora grew up in Milan, but moved to Australia last September after finishing her university studies. Her colourful illustrations capture the human form with a sense of wonder and childlike naïveté. We’re looking forward to seeing what this young illustrator does next!


Eleonora Arosio has been drawing ever since she can remember. As a child growing up in Italy, Eleonora’s primary school teachers told her parents that she would grow up to be an artist. They were very matter of fact about it, and years later we can confirm their predictions were accurate.

‘At school I would draw anytime I could, even when I wasn’t supposed to be drawing, for example in chemistry class,’ recalls Eleonora. After high school, she went on to study Fine Arts in Milan, working across various mediums that eventually led her to the wonderful world of illustration. After completing her studies at university, and with the encouragement of her parents, Eleonora decided to travel abroad with her notebooks, pens and pencils. She settled in Melbourne last September.

Eleonora’s watercolour and pencil illustrations depict everyday happenings with a joyful sense of wonder.  ‘I like to think of my work as both calming and colourful,’ mentions Eleonora. ‘I’m influenced by everything around me, including the supermarket, a book, a film, a holiday, and even a Zumba class in a pool that I recently did, that was definitely for older people but I still really enjoyed.’

Not one to stay in a single place for too long, this young artist has already made plans to move to Amsterdam after her stint in Australia. Travel inspires her, and being able to document new observations is the essence of her work. ‘I’m off to Amsterdam next!’ she says excitedly. ‘I’ll go back to Europe for some family time, and then on to a new adventure in the Netherlands.’

To see more of Eleonora Arosio’s work visit her website here.

‘The Leavers Dance’ by Eleonora Arosio.

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