Lumiere Art + Co · Recurrent

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 8th August 2016

Lumiere Art & co is a handcrafted homewares company based in Hastings in Western Port Bay, Victoria. The business is run by designer and artist Emma Cleine, and each product – from limited edition artwork prints, to hand stitched cushions and bedlinen – is screenprinted by Emma herself.

This month Emma launches a new range of bedlinen and soft furnishings. ‘Recurrent’ is inspired by the natural beauty of various locations – from Byron Bay to California, and Emma’s home on the Mornington Peninsula.

Coming from a fine art background, Emma Cleine of Lumiere Art & co has a unique approach when it comes to running a creative business. ‘I approach everything thinking about concept and context. Which is sometimes a pain!’ she says. Emma creates intuitively, disregarding trends or sales strategies. ‘Wholesale is sometimes a cut-throat business, and on occasions I feel the big questions, like how and why something is made, can be forgotten’ she explains. ‘I think my raw and sometimes naive approach to materials and process is apparent in my work, as I don’t really stick to systems or patterns. It’s all about what I would like to make, and the exploration and reinterpretation of materials.’

Emma’a latest range is ‘Recurrent’, a collection of soft furnishings inspired by place. ‘Location has influenced this range’ says Emma. The palette recalls both the mountains and the coastline, influenced by time spent in Byron Bay, Venice, California and at home. ‘Fresh greens with washed indigos talk about my semi rural surroundings on the Mornington Peninsula’ Emma adds.

In addition to designing, making and selling her collections, Emma is keen to ensure her business is always closely connected to her community.  To this end, over the past six months she has been offering screen printing workshops in her retail space. ‘I love teaching and imparting my knowledge, and printmaking gives me great joy’ she says. ‘Its wonderful for followers of Lumiere Art + Co to see what goes into my prints, and to give the opportunity for someone to make their own special artwork’.

‘Retail spaces shouldn’t be a passive space, I want to offer interaction and skills alongside my products’ – Emma Cleine.

‘Recurrent’ range by Lumiere Art + Co. Photo – Armelle Habib. Styling – Julia Green.

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