by Lisa Marie Corso, Managing Editor
Thursday 14th April 2016

Today we introduce Cantilever, a local small business that has been designing and building handcrafted kitchens for the past decade.

Working out of their East Brunswick showroom and studio, where everything is made on premises, we chat to co-founders Travis Dean and Charlie Wilde.

The kitchen is my favourite place in any house. It is where people come together for a yarn and for a meal, the intersection of two of life’s most simple pleasures. A good kitchen is a special place, and the team at Cantilever are in the business of making good kitchens.

Operating out of their showroom and workshop in East Brunswick, Cantilever has been in the game since 2006. The company was originally founded by furniture and cabinet makers Travis Dean, Charlie Wilde and Peter Tragardh-Daly, who met while leasing a shared studio space in the ‘90s, and came together when a fellow studio mate asked if they could build and design a kitchen. They hadn’t before, but still said yes. ‘At the time we thought designing a kitchen would only require basic design and manufacture skills, but we soon learned that we were wrong, designing kitchens proved to be challenging on varied levels, and we enjoyed the process,’ says Travis. Cantilever have been building and designing beautiful kitchens ever since.

These days, Travis and Charlie are at the helm of the business, with an additional 10 staff on deck in the office and the workshop. It’s a team effort, made up of designers, drawing technicians, cabinet markers, and furniture designers. ‘We have a great mix of hands on folk and creative types, and as much as possible we do everything in house,’ explains Travis. All of Cantilever’s kitchen are designed, drawn and built in their Brunswick workshop.

Cantilever offer three kitchen systems, K1, K2, K3. Travis says, ‘we came to the conclusion that we could make a better kitchen if we could make it more than once, if we had the opportunity to refine it, to test materials and manufacturing methods.’ But more than that, Cantilever believes in keeping thing simple, and that good design should act invisibly. ‘To me kitchens and joinery are simply larger pieces of furniture,’ says Charlie.

The Cantilever showroom is open Monday to Friday from 10am-4pm, and Saturday from 11am-3pm at 128 Barkly St, East Brunswick.

Kitchen design and build by Cantilever. Styling by Ruth Welsby, photo – Martina Gemmola..

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