Julie White · Straya Nights

by Lisa Marie Corso, Managing Editor
Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Today we share a new range of printed accessories by Adelaide-based textile designer Julie White.

While completing her Masters at The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, Julie developed an appreciation for all things Australiana. Her latest range ‘Straya Nights’ is inspired by Australian nocturnal wildlife, and the habits of these creatures after dark.

Most people go on a honeymoon to unwind, not to discover a new career path, and so did Julie White and her husband, until they visited Glasgow. Impressed by the Scottish city’s rich history in the arts and architecture, Julie decided to move to there in 2012 to complete a Masters in Printed textiles at The Glasgow School of Art.

Living abroad in a city vastly different to Julie’s hometown of Adelaide brought upon an unprecedented appreciation for all things Australiana. ‘Scotland has a rich, proud history in textiles, which got me thinking, what are Australian textiles all about?’ she explains. ‘It made me see Australia in a completely new way.’ Julie channelled her homesickness into illustrations and sketches of Australian wildlife and native flora. Returning home to Adelaide in 2013, these illustrations informed Julie’s decision to launch her own textile design business and printed accessories label.

Julie’s latest range ‘Straya Nights’ is a continuation of her fascination with all things Australiana, or as she put it ‘Australiana after dark’. Inspired by the Australian nocturnal wilderness, her designs in this series have been digitally printed onto a limited edition run of silk georgette art scarves, and some bold statement socks!

The ‘Straya Nights’ range is based upon Julie’s hand drawn illustrations, which she then scans and collages digitally in the final step of the design. ‘I feel it’s important to retain the hand drawn nature of my work, especially with digital printing, because you can see every detail in the fabric!’

This year has been a big year for Julie. 2015 is the year she was finally able to start working on her business full-time!  She also completed a collaboration with Gorman this year, and her work exhibited at the National Gallery of Australia! She’s been busy, but she’s planning for a bigger 2016. ‘Something tells me a bit of Aussie travel and exploring the outdoors will be involved!’ she says.

Julie’s range of printed accessories can be found on her online shop here.

Scarf from the ‘Straya Nights’ collection, by Adelaide textile designer Julie White. Styling – Julie White. Photo – Peter Drew.

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