Pop & Scott · Dream Weaver Lamp Shades

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 25th August 2015

Following on from our recent interview, today we feature the latest product range from dynamic Melbourne makers Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson of Pop & Scott.

Pop & Scott’s new Dream Weaver lamp shades are inspired by an affection for the ’60s and ’70s, and are 100% made in Melbourne.

After great success with their painted pots and locally crafted timber furniture, this winter Poppy Lane and her team have been hard at work creating a brand new range of hand woven lampshades. Inspired by the jute woven lamps from the ’60s and ‘70s, Poppy recalls her affection for a similar lamp in the home of her Grandmother, when she was a child. ‘I have been wanting to do these lamps for about three years!’ she says. ‘When we were working on the showroom, it pushed me to get them started’.

The Dream Weaver lampshades are 100% made in Melbourne.  The custom welded frame for each shade is made by a local guy called Tony, who Poppy describes as ‘ a gorgeous man in his sixties who has been making light frames in his shed for over 40 years!’.   The woven component is then completed in-house by Pop and Scott’s talented team, with each shade taking around 2 days to weave using a mix of hemp, linen, wool and cotton. ‘We are pretty lucky to have such a talented gang working with us. Some of the girls that paint our pots are also textile designers, so that was handy when developing these lights’ says Poppy.

Currently, the Dream Weaver range are available as light shades which can be attached to any existing pendant style lighting. (Pop & Scott do not currently sell them with a cord or ceiling fitting).  However, Pop & Scott are developing standard lamps with timber bases too, due out next year.

Pop & Scott’s Dream Weaver lamp shades start at $870, and can be viewed and purchased in their Northcote showroom or online store.

New handmade Dream Weaver lamp shade in the Northcote showroom of Pop & Scott. Photo by Bobby Clark of Bobby and Tide.

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