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Andrea Moore


We always love to see creative solutions for TINY apartments, and today’s miniscule studio apartment in South Yarra is one of the sweetest pocket-sized pads we’ve seen!

It’s a rental, and it belongs to interior designer and stylist Andrea Moore.

20th May, 2015
Lucy Feagins
Wednesday 20th May 2015

Andrea Moore has been a happy resident of this sweet studio apartment in South Yarra for almost four years. Though she’s renting, the apartment was quite run down when she first moved in, so she couldn’t resist making a few superficial changes early on that have vastly improved the space.

One particularly clever addition is the Ikea ‘Stolmen’ shelving system, which establishes separate living and sleeping zones, whilst retaining the open plan feel of the space. (Brilliantly, this system can also be installed without fixings, making it perfect for renters!). Simple vinyl flooring was also installed in both the bathroom and kitchen, helping to freshen up what were previously tired, unrenovated rooms, and give the apartment a more contemporary feel.

Although it is tiny, by cleverly zoning the apartment and ensuring there is a designated place for sleeping, living, and even a small dedicated study nook,  Andrea has created a surprisingly comfortable and functional home. ‘Living in a small space, everything has to be functional and livable’ says Andrea.

Andrea’s style is unashamedly minimalist – she’s a big fan of Japanese architecture and Scandinavian design. ’I see beauty in simplicity’ Andrea says. Many of her favourite pieces have been brought back from trips abroad, such as her ‘No early birds’ lamp designed by Per Söderberg, and bought in Stockholm. Despite the presence of a few of these treasured designer pieces, there is a fundamentally utilitarian feeling here – at heart this is a pared-back, streamlined space, with very little unnecessary decoration.

‘I think living small makes you appreciate how little you actually need to be comfortable’ says Andrea.

Andrea has her own design studio, Studio Moore, where she undertakes projects in both interior design and styling – if you love her home, do check out her website!

Andrea’s home office nook! ‘My desk chair is one of our old kitchen table chairs I grew up with as a kid’ she says. Styling – Andrea Moore. Photo – Eve Wilson.

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