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Tim Ross and Michelle Glew-Ross

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 4th February 2015

Comedian, mid century design enthusiast and all round awesome guy Tim Ross makes another appearance here today, as we share the beautiful 1950’s home he shares in Sydney with wife Michelle Glew-Ross, and gorgeous kids Bugsy (three years) and Bobby (just turned one).  It’s a GEM.

ALSO – we made another VIDEO! (Be sure to scroll down to the very bottom and watch it!)


OK this is a bit sneaky. Long term readers might recall we have actually shared a story about this very same Sydney home a LONG time ago… but.. well, it was well before we did things ‘properly’. BY that I mean, way back in 2011 when I first met Tim, this website was a very modest little operation and we didn’t have the resources to work with professional photographers. A LOT has changed since then!

We’ve also gotten to know Tim a lot better in the last few years, and have been swept up in his complete passion for all things mid-century, which is infectious!  He has always encouraged and supported all our features on mid-century homes – in fact it was Tim’s introduction which resulted in our story about Robin Boyd’s Walsh st House in Melbourne, last year.

ANYWAY. Clearly, we decided this one was worth another look! The beautiful 1950’s home Tim shares with wife Michelle Glew-Ross and Bugsy (three year) and Bobby (one) is the stuff dreams are made of.  Aesthetically impressive, yet refreshingly relaxed, the Ross family home is a testament to the timelessness of modernist architecture.  It’s the kind of property that could easily have been knocked down, had it fallen into the wrong hands. Luckily, this house found it’s perfect match, and it’s a love affair that is still going strong, ten years on!

Tim purchased this house in 2005. ‘At the time, nobody else wanted it’ he says. Over the years, he and Michelle have restored and updated certain rooms, undertaking most of the design work and planning themselves. ‘Much to the horror of professionals I admire, I’ve trusted our own instincts with most of the changes we’ve made’ says Tim. Much of the home has been restored to its original 1959 condition, and in recent years, the garden and pool area has also been landscaped. One big consideration was working out the most sensitive way to incorporate a pool fence – in the end, frameless glass panels were used to minimise visual impact, whilst crazy stone paving was salvaged from elsewhere in the garden, and reused to build up walls around the pool and carport.

The house was originally built in 1959 for the Atherton family, and designed by their friend Bill Baker. ‘Bill was an architect and a Qantas Pilot – a multitasker like John Travolta’ Tim explains! ’On his trips to LA he was inspired by West Coast Modernism, and this house is a certainly a nod to those places he saw and admired at that time’.

The Athertons had one son, Geoff, and the home was originally built as a two bedroom house. As Geoff grew, the family extended and built a larger room for him, which is now the master bedroom. Then, in the 1960s, the Atherton family won a bit of money in the lottery and added the pool!  The original owner, Margot, is now in her 80s, and pops in occasionally.

When you chat to Tim about his passion for mid century everything, it quickly becomes clear that this is an obsession that has been bubbling since childhood. Tim’s father is an antiques dealer, which instilled in him a great respect for the provenance of things. He’s always been drawn to furniture and objects with a sense of nostalgia about them, even before he lived in a modernist house.

‘When I was a kid we had a book of Australian painters, it had a John Coburn painting on the front and it always stuck in my mind’ says Tim.  So, when he stumbled across a large John Coburn tapestry a few years ago, Tim just couldn’t let it go. This treasured piece now hangs in his bedroom.

Like so many design enthusiasts, Tim also has a thing for chairs. ‘We have a bunch of chairs that keep on giving, the green womb chair in its tatty ’60s covering has had everything chucked at it (literally) but still looks great, and is the comfiest seat in the house’ says Tim.  A more recent favourite find is the Safari chair in Bobby’s room, picked up at the Tyabb Packing House in Victoria, where Tim’s Dad still has a little stall. ‘I rolled it up and put in my bag and brought it back to Sydney as a gift for Michelle – I love it in Bobby’s room’ says Tim.

As Tim explains in the short video (!!) below, though he enjoyed this house for many years before starting a family, the home has taken on a new meaning since the arrival of Bugsy and Bobby.  ‘I think watching our boys grow up here is the most amazing thing’ says Tim. ‘Bugsy dragging me outside to have a swim, or watching the two of them laughing together in Bugsy’s room as the sun streams in is really special’.

Tim’s a funny guy.  Of course, after years of TV and radio, he has a voice that is weirdly familiar… but beyond this, he’s just the kinda guy who speaks to you as if he’s known you for 20  years.  It’s actually quite amazing.  Perhaps it’s because when he gets chatting about his home, Tim is speaking very much from the heart.  He’ll engage anyone in a lengthy chat about the curve of a particular piece of furniture, or some other minute architectural detail, and yet, at the same time, he’s a straight shooter… totally no-nonsense!

‘Well I’d be bullsh*tting if I didn’t say our aesthetic is unashamedly mid century modern’ says Tim, when asked to describe his home’s unique aesthetic.  ‘Mind you, over the years Michelle has certainly made her mark on the place, it is a little less masculine and has, well… cushions’  he says, by way of explanation!  ‘Our home is full of things that we find appealing, that strike a chord with us or that are simply beautiful. There is no doubt that our tastes have changed over time, these days the space is certainly leaning towards a more organic, handcrafted modernist vibe. That is also a result of ten years in a house, and a shifting in the way you live.’

SO GRATEFUL to Tim and Michelle for having us (twice!) and sharing their very special home! An excellent reminder of just how beautiful, functional and timeless modernist homes can be. More than fifty years after it was built, this place is still rocking it.

Tim Ross and Michelle Glew-Ross


by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 4th February 2015


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  • Sarah 2 years ago

    I never get sick of seeing this house! Loving the video’s too!!

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    100% Awesome!! :-)

  • Frankie 2 years ago

    I liked Tim Ross’ article on opp shopping and I LOVE his home! The videos are my new favourite part of The Design Files, it adds so much to the beautiful photography and writing. Yay!

  • sarah 2 years ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Lucy & team (& Ross family) for revisiting this superb home! If only more people were as respectful to such amazing designs. Seeing more of this home has truly made my day!

  • Anna 2 years ago

    Such a beautifully restored house and lovely to see the evolution of it into a family home since your 2011 feature. love the film too!

  • carolinej 2 years ago

    Perfection.! and congratulations on preserving such a iconic beauty. Would you mind telling me PLEASE where I can find those incredible umbrellas ??
    I have been searching forever for something 50s like this with no luck. Thankyou again for sharing such a beautiful home.

  • Penelope 2 years ago


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    D I V I N E. The stunning house and all who live in it. Thanks for documenting it so perfectly DF and Sirap.

  • Petrina Turner 2 years ago

    everything… everything… this beautiful home is only made more so by Tim and Michelle who appreciate it for everything it is… thank you for sharing this 1950s treasure, the photo’s and film… and how does one ever “stumble” upon such an amazing John Coburn tapestry… keeping eyes peeled…

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    I never tire of seeing Tim’s home. Mid century at it’s best, living in the now. Love, love, love it! Great video too. thank you x

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  • Love this interior. Very inspiring, calm and so well designed. Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with harmony!

  • SM 2 years ago

    Felt a little disappointed when I first saw your post this morning, having only recently re-read your article from 2011. But you were right – it was so worth your second visit. The photography is gorgeous, the house simply perfect & the video a lovely added bonus. Your work just gets better & better Lucy.

  • sim 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful home (again!)
    Tim and Michelle, you have a wonderful appreciation of beauty :-)

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    One of my fav posts yet Lucy!! Just love everything about the feel and how much integrity it shows to it’s architectural era! Seriously want one like this when we grow too big for 112!

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    I remember seeing this home the first time around and loving Tim’s dedication to modernist beauty. Such a pleasure to revisit and see how that rich simplicity nourishes his family. The film was delightful too. Thanks for a lovely post. :)

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    Agree with Rosso – nothing more stressful than the thought of these stunning houses getting knocked down. Saw this one advertised his morning in Kew, Mebourne as a potential knockdown – it’s so lovely!

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    Wow – such an amazing dream of a building filled with wonderful finds – I clearly remember it from the first time you featured it and it is great to see it again! Can tell this home is so loved by the Ross family. Also really enjoyed seeing the video, definately gives more insight & adds another dimension to the article! Thank-you!

  • tess 2 years ago

    That is how everyone should feel about their home… always in love! Loved the film :)

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    any idea where the bed in Bugsy’s room is from? It is so gorgeous.

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    I never get sick of seeing this house either. I too am absolutely obsessed with modernist design, I live in a modernist home and I constantly get comments from people who visit about how unusual and wonderful it is. I agree that living in a modernist home becomes a passion that borders on obsession. We need more people like Tim that are advocates for homes of this era, love, love this house!

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    Can I please get information on where in the USA the umbrellas are from? They look like the ones I have seen pictured at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs.

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