Ivy Muse

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 14th October 2014

We’re sensing a trend.  It’s been going on for some time now.  It’s all about getting your plants OFF THE FLOOR. Don’t ask me how these things unfold, but suddenly retro-inspired wire plant stands are popping up in Australian homes, shops and photoshoots left, right and centre.  We’re digging these ones, by local start-up IVY MUSE.

IVY MUSE is a collaboration between Jacqui Vidal, founder and proprietor of Signed and Numbered, which sells limited edition artwork on paper from two shops in Melbourne (one in Greville Street Prahran and another in Degraves Street in the city) and local stylist Alana Langan, who runs online store Hunt and Bow.  With a shared interest in all things green, and each with limitations on outdoor space in their own homes, this industrious pair have joined forces to create a new collection of locally made wire plant stands.

‘Over the past year or so, Jacqui and I have been knocking about ideas to collaborate together’ explains Alana. ‘When we came up with idea for IVY MUSE, it just clicked for both of us. We’re both a little green-thumbed, I live in a rental property and Jacqui lives in an apartment with no outside space, so we were both keen on the idea of getting creative with bringing greenery indoors’. Having been friends for over 10 years, and each with successful businesses of their own, the pair were confident they would work well together!

The debut collection from IVY MUSE is called Geoscapes – a collection of four timeless powder coated steel designs.  Each stand is available in matt black, matt white, ‘Classic’ (Champagne), ‘Feline’ (Soft Blue), ‘Butterfly’ (Teal) and ‘Hourglass’ (Burnt Copper).  Each piece is made from start to finish in Melbourne!

IVY MUSE planters currently can be bought online here and here, and also from Signed and Numbered stores in Melbourne.  They start at $130.00.

(And credit where credit is due, there are a bunch of other clever local designers doing various wire plant stands in all manner of shapes and sizes at the moment, other great examples include Mr Kitly and Wirely!).

Wire plant stand by IVY MUSE. Styling – Alana Langan, photo – Annette O’Brien.

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