Laura Blythman and Peter Cromer · Enemies Yay

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 10th July 2014


A1 Poster print by Melbourne design/ illustration collaborators Laura Blythman and Peter Cromer
‘Enemies Yay’ card design by Melbourne design/ illustration collaborators Laura Blythman and Peter Cromer


Melbourne design/ illustration collaborators Laura Blythman and Peter Cromer.  Photo – Pat Le Tao.

Enemies Yay is a new creative collaboration between local artist  / designer Pete Cromer, who is based on Victoria’s Surf Coast, and Melbourne artist / designer Laura Blythman. Laura and Pete are best of friends, having met about 10 years ago when they were hired at the same time as junior designers for Hallmark cards.  ‘It didn’t take us long to become joined at the hip at work, and in the real world. Instant besties’ says Laura!

After years in the corporate world, Pete has recently gone freelance. ‘It’s me time now, why the hell not, gotta give it a crack’ he says. Laura has been working for herself a little longer, and currently divides her time between creating her own artwork, designing / illustrating for clients, and being a Mum to 3.5 year old Alexander.

It was kind of inveitable these two pals would collaborate at some point. ‘We’ve been meaning to do this for such a long time, and finally the timing has seemed perfect this year’ says Laura.  ‘We are each others biggest fans.  It’s awesome, it’s a bit of a brother sister / best friend / ‘safe to say anything’ kind of working relationship’.

Pete and Laura have a similar outlook on life and on work. ‘Our approach to our work is very similar, not only in how we create our images, but also in the reasons we do it’ says Laura. ‘First and foremost, it’s got to be fun, it’s got to make us happy while we are creating, and it’s got to be authentically ‘us’.’  The cheerful debut range of prints, posters, cards and homewares from Enemies Yay was also spurred on by a burning desire to create with their hands and get off the computers!

‘We had our first ‘official’ Enemies Yay art making day a couple of months ago, it was awesome’ says Laura. ‘We prepped massive sheets of washy painted textured paper then had a floor party, cutting and pasting and throwing shapes at each other, with no agenda or end result in mind other than to create a series of original collages.  Everything else has stemmed from there.’  The resulting works are playful, graphic compositions which introduce a host of friendly little characters and colourful layered shapes.  ‘We are both huge fans of the super friendly’ says Pete.  ‘Simple forms with minimal detail can show so much emotion and character’,

Enemies Yay will be an ongoing project for Pete and Laura – they’re already plotting ways to apply their artwork to other products, and collaborations with other makers. ‘Hell yeah! Why stop now.’ says Pete. ‘We should totally do some type of vessel or something huge, like a mural huge (but I’m afraid of heights). The time spent together creating the pieces is the best, it’s pretty addictive’.

Enemies Yay‘s debut range of limited edition prints, posters, card, cushions and original artworks is available online, and you can also check it out in person at the Finders Keepers in Melbourne this month (July 25th and 26th).


‘Enemies Yay’ card design by Melbourne design/ illustration collaborators Laura Blythman and Peter Cromer


‘Enemies Yay’ card design by Melbourne design/ illustration collaborators Laura Blythman and Peter Cromer

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 10th July 2014


  • Megan McKean 2 years ago

    So excited to see these two on here today! Laura is such a sweetheart, and anyone who is making such fun and happy work deserves a shout out! Yay, Laura and Pete! x

  • Amy Constable 2 years ago

    So happy to see you pop into my inbox this morning, Laura! Though many may (and do) try, you are inimitable. Congratulations on the launch of this awesome collab!

  • maryla 2 years ago

    How fun! love seeing these local artists collaborate. Brilliant stuff.

  • Madeleine Stamer 2 years ago

    Look at those joyous, glowing faces! A perfect matching of dual creative forces xox

  • Ali 2 years ago

    I love Laura’s work and Enemies Yay just take it to the next level!
    Awesome colab!

  • Amanda Mooney 2 years ago

    Very excited to see you two featured here. Loving what you are up to.

  • Keely 2 years ago

    I love the name Enemies Yay, and their ability to resist putting a ‘!’ at the end! I do not process such willpower. What a stunning collaboration!

  • Sarah Anderson 2 years ago

    Congrats lovelies x

  • Nicole nicol 2 years ago

    Congrats guys on a fab collab and for being featured on TDF…how exciting!! your work is so full of fun.
    Lucky I got you before you got famous

  • rachel 2 years ago

    lovely work from two cuties.

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