Arro Home

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 30th June 2014


Brand new Australian homewares label Arro Home, designed by Beci Orpin.  Photo – Brooke Holm, Styling – Marsha Golemac.


Linen and rugs by new Australian homewares label Arro Home. Photo – Brooke Holm, Styling – Marsha Golemac.


Arro Home cushion and linen. Photo – Brooke Holm, Styling – Marsha Golemac.


Arro Home cushion and pouf. Photo – Brooke Holm, Styling – Marsha Golemac.


Arro Home cushions, linen and rug. Print (top right) by Beci Orpin.  Photo – Brooke Holm, Styling – Marsha Golemac.


Arro Home printed cushions and linen. Photo – Brooke Holm, Styling – Marsha Golemac.


Arro Home Managing Director Adam Rogers with Creative Director, Beci Orpin.  Photo – Chris Middleton.

Ooooh we’re pretty pumped to share something kinda big with you today!  For the past twelve months, well known Melbourne designer Beci Orpin has been working feverishly on a new project of rather epic proportions, in collaboration with local entrepreneur Adam Rogers.  The result is Arro Home, an extensive new locally designed homewares label, incorporating a broad range of soft furnishings (including rugs!), tableware and other quirky, colourful home accessories.

Beci and Adam initially met a few years ago on a previous project, and instantly hit it off.  ‘During one meeting we started talking about homewares, and realised we both shared the same ideas and enthusiasm for design’ recalls Beci. ‘Before we knew it, Arro Home was born!’

Beci is Arro’s creative director, and with her small team of assistants, has designed the debut range almost exclusively in house (and it’s huge!).  ‘It’s taken us approximately one year to get to this point. We started slowly as we wanted the product to be perfect. No stone was left unturned!’ says Beci.

From the outset, it has been very important to both Adam and Beci to design their range with an affordable pricepoint in mind.  Locally made ceramic tableware starts at $20, whilst rugs, designed locally and produced overseas are priced from $300.  ‘We really wanted the range to be accessible’ says Adam.

Arro Home’s first collection features bedding, cushions, ceramics, rugs, tablelinen and kitchen textiles and more. In keeping with Beci’s distinctive style, the Arro Home aesthetic incorporates bold, colourful print and pattern, designed to be mixed up and layered for full effect!  Arro Home also have some pretty cool collaborations in the pipeline, and will be introducing new product categories over the coming months… stay tuned!

The full Arro Home range is available for pre-order online now (it will ship at the end of the month).  Currently, they ship Australia wide – International shipping is in the works and it expected to be up and running within 4 weeks.


Layered linen, cushions and throws from Arro Home. Photo – Brooke Holm, Styling – Marsha Golemac.


Tableware and tablelinen from Arro Home. Photo – Brooke Holm, Styling – Marsha Golemac.


Arro Home ‘Runes’ quilt (hanging behind) and printed scarf.  Photo – Brooke Holm, Styling – Marsha Golemac.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 30th June 2014


  • Barbara 2 years ago

    Fantastic design! Patterns are so nice, and great selection of colors. Big plus is affordable prices.
    Im so in love in that Harlequin rug

  • CC 2 years ago

    Brilliant designs, the cushion with the single mid pom pom and rug with tassels most welcome in my home. All the bedlinen is adorable.

  • Rachel Castle 2 years ago

    Beci everything is so beautiful. xxxxxx

  • Kirsten 2 years ago

    Love the textiles and styling but need the gold pot plant holder including tripod! Source?

  • Cat 2 years ago

    Fantastic linen. Love it. Where do I get those fabulous black and white tights from? Yum.

  • Evie 2 years ago

    Love it all Adam, Beci and assistants. Super huge congratulations!!! Perfect timing with this wintery weather, seeing these images makes me feel like hibernating amongst all this cheery goodness. Too fun! Can’t wait to take a closer look. x

  • lexi 2 years ago

    Beci – you are SO amazing and inspiring.

    Totally nailed it, you totally have the Midas touch. In a good way. A very, very good way.

  • Ali 2 years ago

    Is there anything Beci can’t do!? Seriously. Another awesome project.

  • cath 2 years ago

    Big fan of Becis and this is lovely! xxx

  • Mel 2 years ago

    Kirsten I was going to ask the same thing! It’s gorgeous. Love love love the Arro range too.

  • Michelle W 2 years ago

    What beautiful, bright colours!
    LOVE the grid leggings – where from??

  • Jane 2 years ago

    Amazing!! Such a gorgeous collection, I can’t wait to get my hands on some. Well done guys x

  • Suzy 2 years ago

    Amazing Beci you are an inspiration! Cute styling too ladies! x

  • Ruth 2 years ago

    L O V E

  • Jasmine 2 years ago

    ooo love this new range of homewares – I want that pouf!

  • Mia 2 years ago

    Wow everything is beautiful! Michelle W I’m with you, would love to know where these grid leggings are from, the styling is great x

  • Jess 2 years ago

    Oh no, my bank account is in trouble!

  • jane 2 years ago

    totally inspiring and beautiful congratulations Adam ,Beci and crew. Cannot wait to take a proper look

  • Helen Edwards 2 years ago

    heaven on a stick (or textile!) love x

  • Brooke 2 years ago

    For those asking, the pot plant holder along with some of the other furniture items are from Modern Times. Leggings and clothing from Dagmar Rousset :)

  • Kath Aumau 2 years ago

    Beautiful Collection Beci, one super talented lady :-)

  • Mary 2 years ago

    i super love it! a happy place for me

  • nads 2 years ago

    i studied project management with adam, glad to see you make such a great change! so much more fun!!

  • Lachlan 2 years ago

    I cannot wait until my new doona cover arrives !! You rock Beci!

  • THE GOOK 2 years ago

    I’ve fallen hard. But the URL link seems to be broken *sad face*

  • fiona.caroline 2 years ago

    I love the range, the colours and patterns are super sweet, a little bit quirky and makes you feel happy! Now the hard part…what to purchase first…

  • Ariana 2 years ago

    LOVE at first sight! Ummm I think I NEED everything :D

  • Beci 2 years ago

    Hi guys – thanks for so many amazing response! We’ve been overwhelmed (in a good way!). As Brooke said – leggings are Kowtow from Dagmar Rousset and all the props were supplied by Modern Times. Also we did have some trouble with our site on Monday but all fixed now. Thanks again (and you too Lucy & Lisa!)

  • Kelsy 2 years ago

    love all this! can you please tell me where the white chair is from in the third photo?

  • Bre 2 years ago

    Where did you guys get the bedframe?! So cute!

  • Samiksha 2 years ago

    Hi Beci.. i just wanted to complement tht the products look absolutely amazing !! sadly i couldn’t keep any product developed for myself but i love tht i could work with you .. can’t wait to see the next season developments !! :) good luck !!

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