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by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 12th May 2014

SCOUT 1891

The new home of much loved st. Kilda retailer Scout House, in Fitzroy st. Photo – Lauren Bamford


Scout House new store – so many amazing pieces! Photo – Lauren Bamford.


Amazing counter! Photo – Lauren Bamford.

SCOUT 1801

Scout House store details. Photo – Lauren Bamford.

SCOUT 1795

Scout House product range. Photo – Lauren Bamford.

SCOUT 1771

Scout House’s sweet handpainted vintage cart. Photo – Lauren Bamford.

SCOUT 1841

Orlando Mesiti, Scout House proprietor. Photo – Lauren Bamford.

Though I’m never too far from a wifi signal, those of you who follow TDF on instagram will know I’m rather lucky this week to be working from a remote location… I’m in Paris!  Oooh la la, c’est encroyable! I am loving every minute!  Now, though I would love to say my favourite finds have been art, architecture and culture related, I have to admit, the part which has really inspired me the most is the SHOPPING.  From Colette, to Merci, to the incredible L’Elaireur – retail in Paris is simply an artform in itself.

This trip really has reignited my passion for retail, and for creative retailers who excel in creating something a richer than the average shopping experience.  SO it seems opportune timing today to revisit one amazing Melbourne retailer, whose St Kilda store  has grown in leaps and bounds since it first opened in 2010.

In a previous life, Scout House propietor Orlando Mesiti worked in forecasting and sourcing for large scale retailers.  With a passion for a more boutique, creative shopping experience, in 2010 Orlando opened his own store, Scout House, in its first location – a sweet little shopfront in Grey Street st Kilda.

‘We opened Scout House in the middle of 2010, in a little old haberdashery store on Grey Street in St Kilda’ recalls Orlando. ‘Lots of really good retailers had long left St Kilda, and so we thought we’d bring beautiful things back to the suburb I’d lived in for over 20 years’.   Though many thought he was crazy opening in a difficult little spot with no parking to speak of (!) Scout House quickly gathered a loyal following, and soon outgrew its modest shopfront.  After four successful years, last month Orlando finally moved his much loved local store to a new premises – a much bigger shopfront just around the corner on Fitzroy st, St Kilda.

‘The move has given us the chance to recalibrate’ says Orlando. ‘Certainly having four times the floorspace opens up a lot of options’.  Orlando has embraced this potential, working with local craftsmen to create more custom products, including furniture to complement Scout House’s popular Iron Bed. The new collection includes a Scout sofa and armchair, bench seating and three new dining tables!

‘Our collection is ever changing, always about carefully curating utilitarian, timeless, functional products for daily living’ says Orlando, adding ‘products that wont just last for one year but for many years or a lifetime’.  Though their vintage collection remains at the core of the Scout House product offering, Orlando has an incredible eye for pairing these one off pieces with a growing list of reputable Australian, American and European brands such as Pony Rider, Modernica, Herscell, Cornishware Stanley, Opinel Knives and Falcon Enamelware.  ‘I feel like our voice is evolving and only now coming into its own – classic rather than retro, vintage rather than industrial’ says Orlando.

To coincide with the opening of his new store, Orlando is pleased to present an exhibition of photographs by Melbourne photographer Lauren Bamford entitled Follow Your Notion. We love Lauren’s work (she took the photos in this post too!) so do pop in and check those out!  If you’re in the area, all are welcome to join Orlando and co. for a drink tonight, Monday May 12th between 6 – 8pm to celebrate Scout House’ new space, and to see Lauren’s show!

Scout House
161a Fitzroy St
St Kilda, VIC

Open 7 days, 10.00am to 5.00pm.

SCOUT 1736

Photography – Lauren Bamford.

SCOUT 1759

Store details. Photography – Lauren Bamford.

SCOUT 1776

Scout House’ impressive vintage furniture collection. Photography – Lauren Bamford.


by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 12th May 2014


  • julia piggin 2 years ago

    By design (intention), I was there on Saturday. It is indeed a lovely space and as always, some quirky delights to discover. I was happy with my choice of porcelain Kewpie doll and beeswax candles. Paris? I think it would make it there too!

  • Jeanine 2 years ago

    Wow… The photo of the silver cross against the green small drawer cabinet is just captivating… Thank you for sharing a look into this incredible shops design!

  • YOU DO ABC 2 years ago
  • Mr Jason Grant 2 years ago

    Awesome shop awesome shots congrats all round!

  • Mary Thomaidis 2 years ago

    Love this story, have watched this retailer grow & is worthy .
    Passion in the store, not just selling stuff.. Love love love
    Thanks for sharing

  • SUSANA 2 years ago

    Felicidades!! Orlando,es una tienda preciosa.

  • grant 2 years ago

    Just walked past this on Fitzroy St!
    An amazing space! Cant wait to see what happens in here. Love it!

  • Jacqui 2 years ago

    I’m in love with the cross definitely On the list for my next Melbourne visit . Great story .
    Love it

  • Tania 2 years ago

    Scout House is a Magnificent place to shop… Gifts for loved ones and friends can be found in this lovely shop. Truly a Beautiful place to shop.. Well Done Orlando and Scout House Team!!!

  • Ride on Time 2 years ago

    WOW! What an amazing store opening last night! As guests we were treated to designer pizza’s consisting of figs, gorgonzola, roquet, garlic, anchovies and other delectible and tasty morsels! The grog flowed freely helped along by the ambience created by Orlando and his Scout team. Never have I enjoyed a store launch with such an interesting, engaging and dynamic crowd of discerning shoppers. The new store is chock full of beautiful pieces from all over Europe. My list of ‘wants’ grew by the minute! Congratulations Orlando on a superbly appointed evening and by all appearances, a guaranteed success in your new location. Watch out Fitzroy Street, there’s a new Scout on the block! Oh, and thanks for today’s hangover!

  • Sonia Lear 2 years ago

    I was one of the first customers at the old Scout store and have watched many wonderful things fly out of there in the last 4 years. The new shop is even more incredible, if that is possible! I’m so excited by the new space and can’t wait to see what kind of treasures Orlando find now that he has four times the space! This is seriously my favourite shop in Melbourne.

  • Scout House looks awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

    Merci still has my heart Luce: I indulged in far too much “bed linen purchasing”, and ate entire slabs of their plum cake… Oh yum… Xxx

  • Soula K 2 years ago

    I always used to visit the old store after having coffee nearby,will have to visit this even better and bigger store now,looks great!

  • Marie black 1 year ago

    I have purchased some of the most magnificent pure linen bedding and tea towels this shop is amazing.

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